You don’t have to be outstandingly handsome or wealthy to win the heart of women. If you know the smart way to carry yourself and know what to say and when to say it, you’ll be able to go a pretty long way with most women. So, what are the qualities that almost every woman fancy in a man other than an attractive look? Here are seven ideas for how to attract a woman:

1.    Look neat and smell nice – Virtually all women are easily put off by a man who appears rough or untidy or that may be smelled from a distance! If you must attract a woman avoid taking your bath with trashy toilet soap, or using half a bottle of perfume. That’s severely off-putting. Use quality aftershave (avoid cheap and nasty stuff: women can tell!) and a bit of nice and non-overpowering deodorant (i.e. if you ooze a heavy trail, you’ve taken it too far).

2.    Charm- Oh! This particular one is the bomb, belief me. A captivating man is a man who is at ease, amusing, mildly flirtatious (not cheesy!) and an effective entertainer (of course definitely not a merry Andrew!).

3.    Courtesy- If you are ill-mannered, unenlightened and do not understand how to comport yourself publicly, you would be regarded as a mere embarrassment. Women would not like to associate with you, and in nearly all cases would keep off you like the plague. Would you rather defeat your goal on how to attract a woman than pay the token price of courtesy?

4.    Self-confidence- Women are attracted to men who brew with confidence (not the same thing as being arrogant), are in charge, comfortable and relaxed in whatever circumstance and environment. Self-confidence is among the most significant qualities in a man that attracts a woman. Remember, with women it is for the most part a game of psychology!

5.    Attention- Women enjoy being given attention. This is a very important fact. They like to feel that they are the most significant and treasured thing always. If you wish to know how to attract a woman, you must give her attention. However, you have to be clever about it so you don’t over-do it. If it becomes excessive, she will get disinterested- that’s the last thing you want right?

You need to pay her a compliment from time to time, ask if she cares for a  drink (or whatever), be at alert about her feelings, but you’ve got to also commit some attention to other people (i.e. you must never make it look like you are desperate. Once you do that, you put her off). You must leave her with the feeling of desiring more of you.

6.    Tell amusing stories- This is another powerful key to unlock and attract a woman. Have you met many women who don’t enjoy nice jist sessions? I doubt it. Women respond pretty well to conversation. They enjoy hearing comical anecdotes or cool short narrations (e.g. Escapades you or your pals have had, exciting events of the past etc). Keep off long monologues or presenting excessive details while narrating stories. This isn’t seen as enjoyable interaction, but as dull and disgusting listening session. Don’t venture into it.

7.    Listen to her- Demonstrate a genuine interest in what she’s saying. When women are talking, they are sharing a part of themselves, their aspirations, lives, beliefs, passion etc. When it gets to the point where they could do that, they feel they’ve linked up with you.  Women hate men who don’t listen to them. It severely aggravates them.

You want to become a magnet that attracts a woman like ants are attracted to sugar? Master these tips, work on them and put them into action the next time you meet a woman you really like, and the result would leave you amazed.

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