How To Use Your Mobile Phone To Get Women

Most guys don’t know this, but the deadliest weapon in your arsenal to get women is probably that lump you’ve got in your pocket.

NO… your OTHER pocket.

Your cell phone is your best friend when it comes to getting women.

You can get girls on your mobile practically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, if you know what you’re doing.

Here are 7 tips to get the most success with women using your smartphone… and make it even smarter:

Get Girls On Mobile Tip #1: Keep The Juice Flowing


Look, running out of battery in the middle of that critical text or phone call is a sure fire way to kill the energy between you and her, so you gotta keep it charged.

There are a lot of options these days for when you get into a pinch on power.

One of my favorites are the small battery packs you can charge separately from your phone, and then just plug it in when you need ’em. Get one of these and just put it in your car or your backpack, and you’ll never run short of power.

Seems like a “Duh” – but I’m sure you’ve had a situation where your phone run out on you at the worst possible moment.

Oh, and another obvious tip is to have a car charger AND a cable in your car, just in case.

Get Girls On Mobile Tip #2: Say Something She Wants To Hear…


The next thing you need is something to say when you text.

One of the most common questions I get is: “Carlos, what should I text her?”

Because one of the biggest mistakes men make is to bore her out of wanting to hook up. And the way you do that fast is to send a message like one of these:

“Hey… what’s up…”

“What are you doing?”



I’ll cover more about why women hate these texts in the next tip, but suffice to say – you gotta grab her attention, not put her to sleep.

Make sure you have something to say to her before you start typing it up.

Get Girls On Mobile Tip #3: Don’t Abbreviate…

no txt

Yeah, I get it. You and your buddies use stuff like “h8 that” or “Sup, u out” – or other short cut gems like that.

Texting is a casual communication medium – BUT you gotta show that you’re not a lazy douchebag.

It makes you sound like a seventh grader who wears his baseball caps sideways when you use “2” as a shorter version of “too.”

Make sure you spell things out, and don’t use anything clever like:

“NSFW” (not safe for work)


“2moro” (tomorrow)

You can use common abbreviations, sure, but at your own risk. There are some women who would still have to think about “BTW” (by the way.)

Get Girls On Mobile Tip #4: Don’t Ask Dumb Open-Ended Questions…

stupid guy_2

I realize I’m pointing out a lot of negative “don’ts” here, but they’re important. If you can just avoid most of the mistakes the other guys are making, you’ll win by default.

Open ended questions are any question like:

“How are you?”

“What’s up?”

Where you expect her to summarize her experience in that moment and tell you about it. Again, it demonstrates laziness.

Instead, always have something specific and concrete to ask her. Ask her what she’s eating for lunch (if it’s lunchtime.) Ask her which character she’s most like on ‘Sex and The City’.

But don’t ask her a question that makes her have to figure out what to tell you. Human brains are notoriously lazy, and we need to be led.

So lead her!

Vague questions tell a woman that you’re fishing instead of hunting. And – no offense to the fisherman out there – but being a hunter embodies everything she finds sexy.

She’ll know that you’re the kind of guy with direction and purpose.

So show her in text.

Get Girls On Mobile Tip #5: Don’t Be Too Easygoing…

Let’s say you’re setting up a date and a place to meet for some food. She asks you where you want to go.

If you text her something like: “wherever you want to go” or “I can eat whatever” – you’re going to look like a wuss.

This kind of text comes across as annoying more than polite. Yeah, I get that you want to please her, but you’d do better to find out her taste and then pick a place.

She’s looking for a guy that can take charge, not roll over and try to be Mr. Please Everybody.

Get Girls On Mobile Tip #6: Spell her name right – and spell it out…


Years and years ago, I read Dale Carnegie’s classic book: How to Win Friends And Influence People. It’s a classic, to this day.

And one of the items I learned that has stayed with me all these years is this: The most important word to anyone is their own name.

And that means that you should respect that more than anything when talking to a woman. When you get it right, it shows attention and interest. When you get it wrong, you’ll forever turn her off and make it next to impossible to get her into bed.

Get Girls On Mobile Tip #7: Give more than one-word responses…




These are all responses that will kill the fun vibe with her.

Remember, most women don’t play video games.

What do they do instead? They text…and socialize…and play social games.

So not giving her any real response to feedback and banter with you is just asking for a “Sorry can’t make it tonight” response from her.

All you have to do is feedback most of what she says, and she’ll do the rest. (Yeah, use that old psychologist trick of “how does that make you feel?” if you really want to open the floodgates.)

Oh, and I’ll leave you with my absolute number one rule for texting women. Let’s call this –

Get Girls On Mobile BONUS Tip: Use emojis!


Use those smiley faces and funny characters to tell a tale. Use them to explain your emotions, or just give your response more depth.

Use them to explain your sarcasm – especially by using the one sticking its tongue out.

You’ll go a long way towards earning her investment – and interest – in you.

Sure there are a whole heck of a lot more rules and tips to be had with respect to texting and using your mobile… Jeez, I haven’t even touched on some of the apps out there.

But this is enough to get you started.

By the way, if you need a good idea of what kind of messages to send women, go here for some great texting examples:

Here are 50 ways to turn your phone into a magnet for women…


Talk to you soon…

– Carlos


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