How To Get Women

How To Get Women

The most important thing you need to do to become a stud, a man who has women all over him and a man to be reckoned with is to adopt the attitude, thinking and actions that women are attracted to.How To Get Women

Did you know that there are concrete traits and characteristics that women find attractive and that they matter more than factors like how much money you have, how handsome you are, and what kind of car you drive?

When you first start dating, everything you do and say either generates attraction or diminishes her interest. Here are three points you must focus on if you want to be successful in how to get women:

How To Get Women Point #1: Trust

This means how comfortable she is with you. Sometimes lust will push aside trust, but it will eventually crop up. Your goal is to establish a level of trust with her early on in the relationship.

How To Get Women Point #2: Attraction

There is no logic to what attracts one person to another. It is ingrained in a person by socialization and genetics. However, you can increase her attraction to you. You can actually generate that chemistry, which is a physical and emotional draw and connection.

Although looks may spark that first interest, really attractive men have to actually work harder to get the girls because women have a guard up against men they perceive as “players.” Good-looking men have to jump more hurdles to establish trust.

An average looking man can gain trust a little easier by sneaking in under the radar, so to speak.

In my opinion there is one factor, one behavior you can emulate that will increase or generate a woman’s attraction to you: show her you are not intimidated by anyone, including her.

How To Get Women Point #3: Respect

She wants this from you. She never wants to feel used, conned or made to feel bad. Your job is to be respectful. But it is a two-way street. You need to insist on her respect. You can garner it by how you care and present yourself and making sure you set limits and boundaries.

You should have certain expectations in your relationship that she must adhere to. If not, you must be willing to break it off without a second glance.

For instance, the most extreme instance would be if she ever cheated on you or physically abused you, but I would also say make sure a woman never has a chance to constantly put you down or belittle you. You need to establish and maintain a strict code of how you expect to be treated. Anything less than that and you are gone.

It’s a slippery slope. To garner respect, remember you must behave in a way worthy of respect.

These three key points are essential if you want to know how to get women. Remember what matters is how much attraction they feel to you. It’s your job to generate that attraction and interest and then maintain it.


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