How to Get Women

When you combine self-confidence self-discipline and a sense of humor, you are conveying to women that you are a challenge – and a challenge worth taking on.

The Three S’s are key traits that men need to emulate and strive for if they are serious about how to get women.

It’s almost like going to battle. You need to arm yourself with these Three S’s to lay out a strong and intelligent method of attack. And the rewards you will reap are happy women who want to spend as much time with you as possible.

Here are ways the Three S’s will get you there:

How to get women strategies:

1. Your self-confidence will demonstrate loudly (without you saying a word) that you don’t need women. That you are doing just fine on your own and that while women enhance your life, you are not dependent on them for your happiness.

2. You are self-discipline enough to show that you can control you emotions and behaviors. You are calm, cool, and collected and because of this, you exude charisma.

3. Your sense of humor is well honed. This means you can gently tease a woman to let her know you don’t keep her on a pedestal and yet you are able to skillfully walk that fine line between fun teasing and being an offensive jerk.

These three strategies, or traits, ensure you are a man who challenges her at all times and that is always an attractive trait for me who want to be good at how to get women.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
By challenging her constantly, you are provoking her to show that she has the capability to make you happy. While you also need to show you can make her happy, you will be much more successful with the Three S’s conquered.

By having the Three S’s firmly under your belt, you have a strong foundation for how to spike her attraction and increase her interest in you.

In addition, you have a surefire plan to keep the home fires, stoked, so she doesn’t lose interest and stray or look for a new partner.

Once you’ve conquered and mastered the Three S’s, you should concentrate on a few other areas that will make you successful with women. The first one is trust.

Without trust, no woman is going to spend any time with you. This should be the first step after you meet a woman: helping her learn to trust you. She needs to feel safe around you and comfortable. This is natural and it just makes sense. She needs to know you aren’t abusive in any way whatsoever. She also wants to know that you won’t hurt her emotionally either.

You have to walk the fine line between gaining her trust and also remaining a bit mysterious so you don’t cross into the friend zone and keep the attraction level high.

So make sure you have the Three S’s down pat, then remember when you go to meet a woman, they will automatically be in play and you can convince her that she can trust you and she is safe in your care. These are some tips on how to get women.

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