How To Talk To Girls

How To Talk To Girls

You hear it time and again that women only want to date jerks and that nice guys finish last. Well there is some truth to this and some misunderstanding.How To Talk To Girls

There is a fine line between a true “jerk” and a guy that women find irresistibly sexy. The thing is, most men have no clue how to walk that line. If they did, the women would be lined up wiating for them. A lot has to do with what they know about how to talk to girls.

The qualities that we perceive as being that of a jerk are also traits that show the man has uber self confidence. Look at some ways that a jerk behaves and what he has learned about how to talk to girls:

  • He’s selfish. What he wants and his desires and pleasures are more important than what anyone else wants.
  • He will ditch women who cause him problems
  • He could care less what anyone else thinks about him.
  • He doesn’t need your approval. Or anyone else’s.
  • He is not a kiss ass and is not intimidated by any woman, no matter how beautiful.
  • He will not tolerate disrespect
  • If he’s mad, he shows it
  • He isn’t afraid to hurt a woman’s feelings

Some of these qualities, in fact, many of them, are good traits to have when you are learning how to talk to girls. Having self respect, not putting up with women who are drama queens or manipulators, not putting women up on pedestals, not sucking up to women, not allowing them to disrespect or belittle him, not suppressing anger when someone does him wrong and not staying with a girl because he is worried she will be emotionally upset if he leaves – these are all good characteristics.

These are traits and qualities that most guys should strive toward.

The problem is when these behaviors and traits get taken to the extreme. Being rude and mean because you didn’t get your way will drive the girls away. It’s OK to get angry when someone does something wrong, but losing your temper and yelling or throwing things is not going to attract anyone but the police.

Chances are the guy we see as a jerk probably does have some good qualities or she wouldn’t be with him. She might be frustrated that she hasn’t been able to control the relationship the same way she has in past relationships.

If you want to watch that fine, but very successful line between being a jerk that women hate and being a jerk that women swarm to, then adopt the good qualities of a jerk and avoid these:

  • Losing your temper
  • Treating anyone with disrespect
  • Insulting anyone
  • Abuse – verbal or physical or emotional
  • Extreme arrogant behavior
  • Hurting someone’s feeling or emotions intentionally

If you really want to learn how to talk to girls and how to attract women, study the qualities that make so-called “jerks” so irresistible. Adopt the characteristics that work for jerks and avoid the ones that scare women away.

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