Seduction Techniques

Seduction Techniques

Sex. Few words in this world hold as much power as this simple one. I want to share with you some of the pointers and information I give when I teach men seduction techniques.

Those of you who familiar with my writing know that the Three S’s – self-confidence, self-discipline, and sense of humor – will go a long ways to gaining you success in the dating game.

These same seduction techniques also serve you well in the bedroom.

As far as your sense of humor goes, when it comes to using that in connection with sex, use it sparingly early on. The S trait that will be most valuable in regards to sex is self-discipline. And of course, self-confidence will be what draws women to you in the first place.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret that few men really understand – women want and love getting busy as much as we do.

But there is a big difference in how they feel about it. Women need to have some justification for sleeping together. Women need to either trust the guy and/or or be so overwhelmed by their attraction, there is no question. So, what that tells us men is that you need to gain her trust enough to make her comfortable and be attractive enough for her to let her guard down.

When you are learning seduction techniques, remember there is another huge difference between men and women. While men fall in love with women they have sex with, women have sex with the men they fall in love with. This time line doesn’t always coincide, does it?

Think about that. When you want to have sex right off the bat, you are going to be disappointed. Most women don’t want to rush into the sex. Sure, the occasional one-night stand does happen, but that isn’t the norm.

One key skill you need to polish if you want to be competent in your seduction techniques is your ability to talk about sex.

You need to be able to communicate well enough that she trusts you and feels that you are taking care of her. This reassurance is gained through talking. The ability to effectively communicate is also a huge turn on for many women. Remember, 90 percent (or something close to that) of an orgasm is mental.

The key to unlocking and stimulating a woman’s sex drive is in her brain.

Talking about sex at inappropriate times is a turn off. Let her steer the conversation to this topic. You can lay the groundwork for seduction styles by using some of these words:

Seduction Techniques Words:

–          Passion

–          Intense/intensity

–          Excitement

–          Sensual

–          Tingling

–          Heartbeat

–          Pleasure

–          Comfortable

–          Heat

–          Trusting

–          Radiant

–          Trance

–          Enthrall

–          Attraction

–          Soothing

Sprinkle these words throughout your conversation sparingly and you are stimulating her mind and getting her ready to think and talk about sex. I call these sensory words.

The key to talking about sex in a way that turns her on is to be genuine and relaxed in what you say. And one last tip, early on, don’t use any vulgar words. Save that for the bedroom. These are some seduction techniques that you can still learn.

-Carlos Xuma


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