Dating Tips For Guys

Dating Tips For Guys

Women are testing men all day long every day all the time. The problem is that half the men in the world don’t even realize these sometimes subtle tests are even happening.

Women test men because they are trying to find out if a guy is going to do what she wants him to do so he can have sex with her. When some guys hear this, they automatically just to the conclusion that a woman wants the control in the relationship. Well here’s one of the little dating tips for guys I’d like to share with you – she doesn’t want the control.

She wants to know if you can make the cut from the get go so she doesn’t waste her time If she realizes early on that she is the one calling all the shots, then she probably will move on. Wimpy men are boring.

Her tests are there so she can gauge how much self-confidence you have and if you have a backbone. The best dating tips for men I can share is to not only recognize the tests when you see them, but also to not be afraid to call her on them.

When you don’t call her on it, you look like a wimp. She wants to respect you. She doesn’t want a man she can control and manipulate. So, don’t be afraid that she will reject you if you call her on her tests.

The best way to respond to any tests a woman lays out for you is with a healthy dose of humor and self-confidence. You can demonstrate this by not reacting. Remember, the three S’s from my earlier dating tips for guys: self-confidence, self-discipline, and a sense of humor. Use these when you recognize that you are being tested.

Here are a few common tests:

Rule Changing. She changes the rules on you mid-game. For instance, you have plans to meet at 7 p.m. and then 15 minutes before she changes where she wants to meet you. This will actually make you late for your 7 p.m. reservation.

So how do you handle it? Instead of kowtowing to her desire, very nicely tell her that you worked hard to get a reservation at this restaurant and that they will give up your table if you are late, so you need to continue with your plan to be there at 7. Tell her you will ask the hostess to watch for her and walk her to the table when she arrives. This is a very common test I share when I talk about my dating tips for guys.

Disrespectful Behavior. This can be overt or subtle. Don’t tolerate either form from anyone. Call her on it by using a sense of humor so you don’t look bad. Here’s an example. Say she makes a remark that could be considered a put down. Maybe she says something to the affect that only Ivy League graduates would understand what she means. (And you aren’t one.) Pause for a minute, give a little smirk, and ask her in a low voice what exactly she means. This gives her a chance to save face and take back her mean-spirited comment. Often, she will then apologize. If she continues along those lines, fight back with gentle humor served with a smile. If she gets upset and acts offended, then you probably are better off without her anyway.

As you study and learn more dating tips for guys, you will discover more of these tests and will get good practice in responding. But remember, the key is not to react and to combat disrespect with a sense of humor so you are the one who looks calm, cool, and collected and she is the one who looks bad.

-Carlos Xuma



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