Seduce Women

Seduce Women

There are a few red flags in a sexual relationship that might mean you are not compatible. I’m not talking about the level of physical attraction; I’m referring to things that are a bit weird when you are trying to seduce women. I call them sexual weirdness.

Seduce Women Red Flag #1

I Love You.

Now before you protest and say this is what you are hoping comes out of her mouth, I’m talking about her saying those three words during sex and very early on in the relationship. The reason I say this is a red flag, is if she says this early on, when it is unlikely she has even had time to develop feelings that are that strong, it is probably a way to gain validation. IN other words, she probably has low self-esteem and is saying it to get you to say it back. She is looking for you to validate her as a person and also her actions.

Maybe she wants to avoid feeling like a slut or wants to convince herself that it’s okay to have sex with you if she’s in love. You can simply respond by telling her she is beautiful or compliment another aspect of her. If she tries to get you to say I love you back, you need to resist. She might even ask you if you love her. Your response? Be honest. Say that maybe in the future you will feel that way, but right now, you are just happy to be with her.

She may decide that’s not good enough and withdraw sex, but don’t fall for it. If you don’t let her blackmail you into saying it, she will respect you more later.

Seduce Women Red Flag #2


Women who cry during sex might just be having an emotional release. If it lasts for a few seconds or she just sheds a few tears that is pretty common. However, if she cries every single time you make love and it’s more than just a few tears, there are some larger issues below the surface you may not be prepared to deal with. It could even be as serious as abuse or trauma. Watch this. It’s a red flag and could indicate she needs help from someone more experience in that area than you.

Seduce Women Red Flag #3

Infrequent Sex

Is she controlling when and where you have sex? Does she manipulate you or threaten to withhold sex. If she’s sometimes hot and sometimes cold, you might consider finding a new sex partner and moving on. This hot and cold sex drive will make you miserable. You should never allow someone else to manipulate you or control you this way. It is humiliating and damaging to your self-esteem. Don’t give anyone that power over you.

One last word about how to seduce women. Don’t ever apologize for wanting sex. It is natural, normal, and one of the most wonderful experiences in life for both men and women. It is a shared act and involves sharing yourself with another

-Carlos Xuma

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