How To Seduce Women With Text Messages

Guys who don’t know how to seduce women with text messages in the right way are in danger of getting left on the shores of the dating pool. Not only is the ability to text necessary to snag a first date, but it can also mean the difference between a chaste kiss goodnight at the door or a hot, all-night romp in the hay.

Girls use texting as a mainstay in their communication arsenal. They expect the guys they date to be up to speed. But if you want to really stay on top of the game, you need how to text girls. In other words, you need to become proficient at using texting as a seduction tool.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
Here are my three top tips on seducing women thru text. These are all tried-and-true. If you follow my advice, you can use your phone to heat up your intimacy with a new girl you’ve just met, or your long-time girlfriend.

Here are the top three tips:

How To Seduce Women With Text Messages:

1. Don’t get too graphic. Unless you are longtime lovers, I suggest you avoid really down and dirty talk for texting. If you’ve been rolling in the hay together for a while and you know for certain that explicit language turns her on, then go for it. Otherwise, play it safe and avoid anything that is too sexually explicit for now

2. Do tell her she’s hot. Don’t say that she’s the most gorgeous Venus you’ve ever seen, though. Don’t lay it on too thick. Instead, let her know that she turns you on as a person and as a woman without raving about her looks. The key to do that is avoiding naming specific body parts that you find attractive and talk about her as a whole person. For instance, you might tell her that the way she eats a peach is very sexy. Or that she turns you on when she is putting on her stockings in the morning. Look for ways to show she turns you on that have more to do with her behavior, actions, and who she is as a person inside, rather than her physical attributes. Women can get steamy and heated by hearing their effect on by men who are turned on by them.

3. Plant a seed. Give her a hint of what you have in store for her the next time you see each other in person. For instance, you might say you were taking a long, hot shower today and was thinking about how you are hoping she will be in the next shower you take tonight. You can add sexy details; such as you were imagining lathering up her body in the shower. You don’t have to get specific here, either. Leave some of it to her imagination. She might think it is sexier to imagine you lathering up her legs while you think the lathering of her breasts is sexiest. Don’t specify and she will conjure up her own sexy mental image. This will fuel the fire for later.



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