What To Do If She Doesn’t Answer The Phone

Nabbing that amazing girl’s phone number is just the beginning. That number means nothing unless you can arrange a time to meet again in person. The date, not the phone number, is your ultimate goal, anyway, right?

So, this has always been a question to every man, what to do if she doesn’t answer the phone?

Here are some general rules to follow:

What To Do If She Doesn’t Answer The Phone:

1. Let’s backtrack and learn some basic rules about calling a girl you like. The first rule is that it’s probably best to wait between three and seven days before you call her for that first time.

2. Don’t even think about calling her anytime between Friday night and Monday morning. The only exception to this is if you call her Sunday night and explain you wanted to confer with her before your plans for the week fill up.

3. If she doesn’t pick up her phone, this is a hard and fast rule you must follow if you don’t want to be pegged as a supplicating, desperate wimp: Leave one short message, such as “This is Brad. We met at Club X. Call me.”

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Don’t blab about how cute she was or how much fun you guys had together that night. Don’t even comment on the club, party, or whatever. Leave your name, where you met, and a request for her to call you. Period. Nothing else. Whatever you do, don’t call again that day. Call one time. If she doesn’t pick up, leave a message. You don’t want her caller-ID to lead her into thinking you are a psycho stalker since you called twenty times and didn’t leave a message until the last time.

4. If she doesn’t return your message, your next option is to wait two days and try one more time. You want to give her the impression that you are so busy nabbing other girl’s phone numbers and calling them that you didn’t even remember she hadn’t called back for a few days.

If you don’t reach her a second time, you need to leave this message: “Hello Darcy, it’s Brad. We met at Club X. It looks like you’re either screening your calls or playing hard to get with me. That’s kind of cute. I thought I’d call one more time so we can meet for coffee. I want to see if you are as delightful as I think you might be. Call me.”

By this, you’ve challenged her a bit. If she is out of town or extremely busy, you are letting her know, this is her last chance. And it is, unless she calls you back, you won’t be calling her again, ever. That’s what having self-esteem is all about. You deserve to only date women who want to date you and are interested in you enough to pick up that phone.

5. When you do reach her, remember your only goal is to let her talk for a few minutes and then arrange an in-person meeting. Don’t waste time on the phone. That won’t make her like you. Get your meeting arranged and get off the phone.


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