How To Get Girls To Notice You

Before you open your mouth, she has made some judgments about you across that crowded room. Her conclusion might not be fair. In fact, she could be your soul mate, but is dismissing you as not her type based on what she sees.

Learning how to get girls to notice you can make the difference between her smiling across the room and her turning her back on you.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
Even if you are deep thinker who believes it is superficial and silly to worry about outward appearances, if you want to attract the woman of your dreams – or just a woman for a roll in the hay – you need to pay attention to the image you are presenting.

You might brush it off, telling yourself that you don’t want to date a woman who judges someone based on first appearances, but then you are fooling yourself. Every single person on this planet makes a judgment based on their first impression whether they realize it or not.

Remember when you are thinking about how to get girls to notice you that your goal isn’t to try to seduce a woman by your resemblance to Brad Pitt. Your job is to put your best foot forward, something the Italians call “fare la bella figura.”

That way you stand a chance. Here are some ways to do that:

How To Get Girls To Notice You Tips:

1. Take care that your areas of personal attention are up to snuff. In other words, look closely at your hair, nails, mouth, and skin.

The most important part of this appraisal is making sure these areas are neat and clean. You can have hair down to your butt (which I only recommend if you are trying to attract a heavy metal girl), but it better be clean and trimmed.

Your nails shouldn’t have nasty gunk under them or be claw like. Your mouth should be as fresh and clean as possible. Have meticulous hygiene. This means you don’t smell.

2. Your clothing flatters you and shows you have self-esteem. Throw out every stitch of clothing that makes you look overweight, like a slob, like a teeny bobber. Save your money and then go invest in at least one great outfit to wear on dates and when meeting women. Go to the most stylish store you can afford and ask the clerk for help in picking out a great pair of jeans and a top that makes you look fantastic. Then buy some shoes that are stylish, but not trendy, so they will still look great in five years. If you have extra money, invest in a nice belt or some jewelry. Again, if you aren’t a fashion model, seek the help of a clerk who knows what looks good and what doesn’t.

3. Be healthy. This concerns many areas of your life, including your fitness level, but also your mental and emotional help. Do what it takes (therapy, working out, whatever) to make sure you are as healthy as possible.

The added benefit of this is it will boost your overall confidence level, as well.

Because your appearance speaks volumes about you, it is wroth taking some time and effort to present your best self. Remember this rule of thumb: it’s not so much about trying to create an image that turns them on. It’s about not presenting an image that will turn them off, this is how to get girls to notice you.

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