How To Text A Girl You Like

Many guys nab a girl’s phone number and leave the room with a swagger, thinking their next date is in the bag. Slow down, partner, you still can blow it. You need to learn the right way on how to text a girl you like so you will not end up losing her.

Guys who willy nilly text a girl without thinking about how it is going to build attraction or end up with an in-person meeting, will often spend Friday night alone.

Here are some ways to make sure you don’t blow it:

How To Text A Girl You Like Tips:

1. Keep it short. During that initial phase of dating, try to maintain a bit of mystery about yourself. By keeping your texts brief and to the point, you are not blathering on and on about yourself. Keep it brief.

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2. Wait awhile before you answer a text. Then, every once in a while, don’t answer one at all. (Not the one asking if you want to go out Friday. Answer that one, but if there is one that you can let go without responding to, do that every once in a while. This keeps you from appearing to be desperate. In addition, it demonstrates that you are busy and that you aren’t just sitting around on the couch, bored, waiting for her to send you a text. (Even if you really are doing just that!)

3. Make it fun. If you don’t have anything exciting to say, then don’t text her. Whatever you do, don’t text her that you are sitting home alone bored. Make your life sounds exciting, even if it really isn’t. You wan to convey the impression that you’re a fun guy leading a fun life and she is lucky to get a glimpse of it.

So, it’s not okay to text her that you are sitting on the subway bored, reading a book. But it is okay to text her that you are sitting on the subway headed to the Yankees game! It is okay to text her that you are sitting on the subway watching the guy across from you pick his nose. Something that has a little resale value or that is funny or witty always works.

4. Have something to say. Don’t text her something lame such as “What’s up?” That is not going to help build attraction toward you. Don’t text her unless you either have something fun to say (like tip number 3) or need to convey legitimate information, such as when you are going to meet up.

5. Use texting as a tool, but not a true communication method. What I mean here is that your attitude needs to be that texting should be used for one of two things: the most important use of texting is to set up an in-person meeting. The second way you can use texting is to build attraction, but mostly that doesn’t work until after you are already involved with each other. So, always use texting as a tool to accomplish your ultimate goal – meeting in person.

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