“I Liked You”: Nicole Kidman blows Jimmy Fallon’s mind with a jaw-dropping secret

Listen up, Clueless Cassanovas: If a hot, single lady comes up to your apartment, don’t serve her crackers and cheese. And unless you’re allergic to sexual chemistry, don’t put on a video game when she’s trying to flirt with you.

That’s the lesson Jimmy Fallon learned almost a decade and a half too late when he found out he totally had a chance with Nicole Kidman.

She was recently on his show and talked about the time when a mutual friend introduced her to Jimmy. Nicole was single at the time and it turned out that she had a thing for him back then.

So, Jimmy made the epic mistake of misreading the situation and thought Nicole was just going to hang out with him like one of his buddies. Sadly, no sparks flew that day, making Nicole think that Jimmy just wasn’t feeling it.

Watch Jimmy’s priceless reaction as Nicole revealed the side of the story he never knew. The look on his face was a mixture of “WTF”, “I want to kick myself so hard right now” and “What the hell was I thinking?”

It was all good fun, though – they got a good laugh out of it and gave the interview an awkward but funny vibe that everyone loved.

As for me, if I knew an attractive, award-winning actress was coming over to my place, I’d make damn sure to bring my A-game no matter what. And if I was the mutual friend, I’d be a good wingman and help out my buddy!

Then again, we’ve all made boneheaded mistakes before. It happens to the best of us, and I’m sure you also have your own story about The One Who Got Away.

Come to think of it, sometimes guys can miss signals because of past experiences. When men get turned down, they project that on other women and think the same thing will happen again.

But nothing teaches a guy better (and faster!) than getting embarrassed on live TV in front of millions of viewers, that’s for sure.

Here’s a killer way to harness your sexual potential – after clicking HERE, you’ll leave all those boneheaded mistakes in the past!

Stay Alpha,

– Carlos Xuma

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