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Seduction Techniques – Seduce Her

We’ve all seen the guy who walks into a crowded room and leaves with a woman on each arm and all the rest of the women looking longingly at him.

It is beyond baffling. Especially when he is dressed in a wrinkled shirt, has not shaven and doesn’t have a dime to his name. So exactly what does he has? He has knowledge of three seduction secrets.

Here are the secrets you need to add to you arsenal of seduction techniques:

Seduction Techniques Secret 1: Attraction is not logical.

Seduce Her... Seduction TechniquesThat means that women don’t cerebrally choose which men they are going to be attracted to. It is not voluntary. The key to making yourself attractive to a woman lies not in your looks, but in how you communicate.

A woman wants you to seduce her. If you can successfully do this, it doesn’t matter what you look like or if she finds you physically handsome, she will still be attracted to you.

Learn how to communicate in ways that spark her attraction to you. It’s much less about how you look and everything to do with how you act and what you say and what desire you can create in her.

Seduction Techniques Secret 2: Don’t constrain or confine her.

If you appear to take away, threaten her independence or freedom, or come on too strong, she will run away. Play a bit hard to get and stay at arm’s length so she doesn’t feel tied down. Attempting to constrain her will backfire.

It’s said then when women start to desire a child, that’s when they actually crave the stability of being tied down, but until them, they don’t want to feel trapped. Setting boundaries and reining her in are only going to make her want to run away. And fast.

Seduction Techniques Secret 3: Women are seduced by men who challenge and tease her.

When you tease a woman, this sparks attraction. If you play a bit hard to get and remain a bit elusive, this will build her desire for you. When you tease her a bit and challenge her, you show you are not desperate and that you are a desirable commodity.

This behavior also oozes self confidence. Teasing especially works well with extremely beautiful women who have had men doting and falling over them their entire lives. Show her something different. Challenge her and tease her.

Gorgeous women have often been put on a pedestal. And believe me, they are bored by it as much as you are frustrated by it. Show women you are different and that her outward beauty doesn’t faze you. What these seduction techniques all have in common is the realization that what counts is what is inside.

If you follow some of these secrets, you will unlock the key to understanding why some guys seemingly have all the luck. It’s not luck at all. It’s knowledge, skill, and understanding of what makes women tick.

The more we understand about ourselves and about women, the happier all of us will ultimately be. And those are the seduction techniques that are universal.

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