Is She Playing Hard to Get

She’s hot, she’s cold, and you can’t tell up from down sometimes when you are with her.

It seems like she likes you, but just how do you know for sure? And how do you find out without alerting her? The answer to whether she is uninterested or to tell is she playing hard to get can be determined with a little bit of knowledge on female body language.

The ability to tell — even from across the room whether a woman is interested in you is not magic. With some knowledge of what to look for, any guy can tell is she playing hard to get or whether she’d rather be somewhere else, with someone else.

Here are three secrets regarding female body language that will make dating more of a success:

Is She Playing Hard to Get Secrets:

1. Learn the Deltas.

If you have any knowledge of mathematics, you might recall that the Delta is a Greek symbol that indicates a change. For instance, when the temperature soars from 40 degrees up to 70 degrees, which is explained as a delta of 30.

Using this to read female body language means that when you are observing or watching the signals a woman’s body language sends out, it is more crucial to notice a change in that signal, than the signal alone.

For instance, a Delta change that might be noteworthy could be when she switches from being super chatty and open to suddenly withdrawing and clamming up. If you are aware of her body language and the signal she is sending, you need to examine your behavior and see if it caused this or contributed to it. For instance, there is a good chance you may have said or done something wrong.

What is most noteworthy is when you see that she is moving from colder to warmer toward you. That is your goal.

2. Memorize the important signs of attraction.

These body signals are the ones that count. Read up on what are a woman’s physical indicators of interest. For instance, when her pupils enlarge, that shows her attraction to you is growing. But look at the environment as well. If you just walked into a dark bar, which is most likely why her pupils did that.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
But if you can see it happen and it’s not just an adjustment to lighting, see if you can combine that with other indicators of interest, such as heavy eye contact. Women aren’t going to send you very clear signals of interest, so it is important that you notice them and respond, acting like an alpha male. Otherwise, if you don’t react, she might assume you aren’t interested and move on.

3. Notice her Friend’s Signals

Of course, you don’t want to “check out” her friends, but you should be paying attention to what her friends are saying and doing.

Hostile friends are a bad sign. Make it a point to get them to be more open to you and your presence. Even if she seems engaged, take time to make sure her friends are responsive, as well.

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