Good First Date Ideas

I’m not a big fan of the word “date” but that’s as long as it doesn’t apply to a typical meeting where you ask a girl out to dinner and a movie.

Instead, when I use the word “date,” I’m really referring to any type of meeting or get together. The reason I think semantics are important is because it is important for men to establish themselves as unique and different from any other guy out there asking to spend time with a woman especially asking for a good first date ideas.

So, go ahead and use the word date, but avoid traditional dating. It’s one way to break from the mold. I like to say that you are going out there not to date women, but to excite women you rendezvous with.

Here are few ways that first meeting can be done in a unique, interesting way:

Good First Date Ideas:

1. Look at your first meeting as an interview in a way. It’s a chance for both of you to get to know one another. After that, all your future get togethers are done with the understanding that you are getting together to have fun.

2. Avoid traditional “date” activities.

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* For instance, forego a restaurant dinner. This just ends up costing you, shows little imagination, and makes her feel like she’s obligated to kiss you at the end of the night. Avoid all that awkwardness by skipping a dinner at a restaurant.

* Going to the movies. Boring, no interaction, unimaginative, and could be a downer if the movie isn’t any good.

* The bar for a drink. Again, this just costs you money, is unimaginative, and is too much of a pick-up scene. You’ve already picked her up; you don’t need to be in that atmosphere.

3. Meet for that first state for coffee. It’s not really a date. Set a time limit. Say you can meet her between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. for coffee, but then need to run for another appointment. Be vague. If the meeting is going well, you can extend it.

4. Instead of the traditional “date,’ brainstorm some mini-adventures for your next meeting, which is essentially the first “date.”

* Playing games is fun. You can go miniature golfing, play pool, or visit an arcade.

* Visit some unusual shops, such as an underground CD shop, or if she’s a foodie, some fun food store.

* Take her to a flea market, fair, or bazaar. Fun atmosphere and lots to look at.

* Anywhere that has a dramatic or strange setting, such as a castle, old house, some ruins, and so on.

* Do a photo shoot. Do you have a scenic area nearby? Take turns taking pictures of one another.

5. Remember that all of these ideas are low cost, imaginative, and exciting. They give you a chance to get to know one another. Once you have been dating, there will be plenty of time for the romantic, candle light dinners or even a dinner at a restaurant followed by a movie. For now, your job is to work on increasing her attraction by showing how interesting and unique you are. These are just some good first date ideas.

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