Pick up artist technique

If a true pick up artist technique knows one thing, it is how to be comfortable in his own skin. And that self confidence level allows him to interact with women in such a way that he has a great grasp on whether a woman is going to be compatible with him or not.

What exactly is compatibility, you might be asking? It is only partly true that being compatible means having long-term interests in common and similar behaviors. It is also the reason you stay with some one over time.

In my experience, two people stay together for one of two reasons:

1. Their attraction level is so deep that they can’t walk away. (This is also one reason so many unhealthy relationships persist.)

2. The relationship is comfortable and easy. Nothing is annoying enough to drive the other person away.

Here are some things that pick up artists know about attraction:

Pick up artist technique:

1. Draw up a list of criteria or characteristics and traits you require in a dating partner. This could include things like: loyal, smart, brunette, punctual, and so on.

2. Make sure that list includes this: Must attract me physically on a gut level. Without that, you might as well be BFF.

3. Realize that you can’t have #2 without also having #1 or you will have a short relationship that will easily fizzle out. Or worse, you will find yourself stuck in a relationship with someone you are incompatible with and it might even be a poisonous relationship for you that will damage your self esteem badly.

4. Recognize that true compatibility for the long term is the combination of a gut level attraction to a woman combined with some complementary traits that fulfill both persons’ needs.

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5. People stay together for long periods of time because the puzzle pieces fit. Recognize that the term soul-mate is erroneous. We all have many soul mates out there and many potential true loves.

How many times have you looked at couple and thought, “Why in the hell are they together?” Sometimes it makes zero sense. You see a vegan with a meat eater. Or a smoker with a health nut. Or a handsome guy with a plain Jane girlfriend. Tall women and short men. Hyperactive with laid back. You get the point.

People are attracted to others for many more reasons than the old adage that opposites attract. They get together and stay that way because the attraction between them is strong and they each meet the other’s needs.

While you might be initially attracted to someone because they are your opposite, usually the attraction is short lived.

For true opposites to stick it out, there must be similarities that keep them tighter.

On the other hand, looking for someone just like you is a bad idea as well. A relationship needs some differences to keep it dynamic and not stagnant. These are some pick up artist techniques.

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