Pick Up Women

It’s a competitive world out there on the single scene and it seems like men are coming up with increasingly complicated ways to meet and pick up women every day.

Pick up WomenBut are they always effective methods?

So many guys get caught up in memorizing the cleverest things to say that they forget that sometimes the most effective way to pick up women is just to walk up and say hello. Beautiful women are bombarded with pick up lines; magic tricks and other clever ways guys concoct to meet them. Now, oftentimes these methods work just great, but you don’t always have to go to those lengths.

Some women find it really refreshing for a guy to just come up and say hello. Sometimes that honesty and simplicity is just what a girl wants to hear.

Here are some simple ideas on ways to pick up women that you might want to give a whirl the next time you are out:

  • Walk up and say a simple hello. Make sure you are not sending a creepy vibe and say it in the same way you would say it to a guy you go up and stand beside. Nothing threatening, just a nice, friendly hello. Depending on her reaction, you can determine whether she wants to talk or not and if you think she does, then go ahead and strike up a conversation. Remember the attitude is all about treating her like you would anyone else you meet for the first time.
  • Smile and make eye contact across the room. If you know a bit about body language, you can tell by her reaction to your smile and look if she is interested in you approaching her. Pick up a book on body language. If you want to learn how to pick up women, this is a valuable resource and can save you time, money, and will help you avoid rejection. It will also show you how to make eye contact in a sexy, not creepy way.
  • Send a drink her way. Now this is an old-fashioned but sweet technique to let a girl know you are interested. You can gauge by her response whether she is interested in having you approach you. If you she looks your way, raise your glass in a simple toast to her and smile – but just a small, mysterious smile. If she smiles in a flirting way, you can be so bold as to indicate she should join you.

One thing you might have noticed about these three techniques is that they are a bit old-fashioned. They are something that your father or uncle might have done to pick up women. But that doesn’t mean they are not effective. What is nice about them is that they are direct and also sort of sweet. They are showing that you are interested in the woman in a pretty non-threatening way.

You express interest and then wait for her response before you proceed. From women I’ve spoken to one thing they like about these approaches is that they are very respectful and yet flattering to the woman at the same time.

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