How To Tell If She Likes You (And What To Do About It)

It can be quite the enigma to figure out what’s going on inside a girl’s head – or so it seems. Knowing if a girl is attracted to you is a just matter of reading the signs.

They’re there, so it’s all about having a greater awareness of whether or not that girl you’re talking to is interested enough to exchange Twitter handles or add you up on Facebook.

The Basics

Ok, the first thing you need to understand is that everyone sends signals – both verbal and non-verbal – to indicate their state of mind.

The problem with approaching attractive women is that a guy can give off too much interest and give away the game too early. Maybe that cute brunette you’re chatting up is making you speak too quickly or fill the conversation with too many “um”-s.

This is why you need to get used to striking conversations with strangers so that you don’t choke when it’s time to step up to the plate.


Once you’ve sorted that out, the next step is learning her attraction signals. Take note these don’t happen in a specific order – nevertheless, it’s important to know what to look for:

  •  She laughs at your jokes.
  •  Her body is facing your general direction.
  •  She’s drawing attention to her hair or décolletage (which is basically the neckline area) by lightly touching her fingertips across those parts.
  •  Speaking of her hair, if she’s always fixing it, it means she wants to look good for you.
  •  If she looks at you right after she talks or does anything, it means she’s gauging your response.
  •  She doesn’t mind standing close to you. If she bumps you (or vice-versa) and doesn’t recoil, that’s even better.
  •  If she says she’ll be right back (e.g. go to her friends, get a drink, go to the restroom, etc.) and returns. Bonus points if her group leaves but she doesn’t go with them to hang out with you.
  •  She looks for an excuse to keep the conversation going after you’re done speaking – or initiate it in the first place.
  •  She’s extra chatty to get you to notice her as you’re talking to her friends.
  •  She wants to know your name or how old you are.
  •  She’ll make a flattering or positive comment about you (“That’s a cool shirt, where’d you get it?”)
  •  She’ll fish for information about your relationship status (“Your girlfriend must think you’re the funniest guy”, “Are you seeing anyone?”)
  •  Even if she doesn’t agree with something you said, she’s still chatty and cheerful.
  •  She’ll accidentally brush her arm against you or even briefly touch your had while she’s talking to you.

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