How To Tell If She Likes You (And What To Do About It)

What To Do Next

So, if she’s giving off any of these attraction signals, the one thing you should do is play it cool. I know how awesome it is when you’ve got a good feeling she likes you, but this is a crucial part of the game – don’t blow it by responding too eagerly.

Not to discourage you, but for all you know, she’s just testing the waters as much as you are, seeing if you’ll take the bait.

To be on the safe side, treat the interaction as a “slow burn”. Let the tension build and gradually warm up to her instead of pouncing on the first sign of attraction.

So, your next step should be to stay calm and make her work for your attention. A big part of that means not being intimidated by her beauty.


Remember: it seems more natural to women when you go from cool and casual to warm and friendly. To do that, you need to set up the game in a way that she needs to earn the privilege to see your softer side.

A lot of attractive women draw their leverage from their looks, so not acknowledging it (e.g. “You’re so hot, can I buy you a drink?”) gives you the upper hand.

Don’t be like the other guys who bore her with an endless stream of mundane questions and seem desperate for approval. Instead, throw a curveball and joke around with her.

Use humor to your advantage – make a funny comment about the stuff happening around you (like an obnoxious person at a party), or ask her what’s up with that freaky looking necklace she’s wearing (warning: no comments about her physical appearance).

Your easygoing attitude should make her think, “Why hasn’t he told me how beautiful I am? Other guys have. I’ll show him – he’ll be groveling just like the rest.”

And it’s this very thought that triggers the reaction needed for sexual chemistry. In short, attracting women is about reading her signals and responding appropriately by being a challenge to her.

But there’s more to making women like you than that. The other part of the equation has been vastly overlooked – until now.

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Stay Alpha…
– Carlos Xuma

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