How to get her attention without being needy!

You enjoy her company…she makes you feel so good, you’ve never met anyone like her. You suddenly realize you want her to be your girl…

You sent her flowers, gave her stuff to show her how much you care…

Anytime she needs you… you drop everything just to be with her. You’re totally dependent on what makes her happy…


You get a little scared and start the barrage of texts…”where are you?”, “who are you with?”, “please answer!”

And just when you feel the need to tell her how you feel… she pulls away from you. Leaving you wondering, What went wrong?

Here are tips on how to get her attention without being to obvious…worst! Too needy.

How To Get Her Attention – Tip #1: Take care of YOUR needs first

Don’t give up what you normally do just to be with her. Make sure your plans do not depend on what hers are.

For example: You’ve always had Friday nights planned with your buddies…to hangout, watch sports, drink beer. When she calls, you ditch your Friday tradition just to be with her…thinking, you want her to be happy.


That’s good. You want her to be happy, but what that tells her is how your happiness is dependent on her.

And what happens is…either she’ll be turned off by the smell of neediness OR she’ll fully take advantage of you, knowing too well that you’re willing to give in to her every request. Women HATE it when guys let them walk on them like rugs.

Remember, if you want to keep her in your life, you need to be self-reliant meaning you’re able to do things on your own. When she sees this, she’ll make time to be with you.


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