How To Know If She’s Into You

Say something cocky and funny – and then leave before she can even respond.Here’s a great example, and it’s a scene from “Hitch” the movie with Will Smith…Hitch approaches a hot woman at a bar:

Hitch: Hey, baby, can I get a couple Coronas at the pool table, please? Thanks. (handing her some cash – turning to walk away)

Woman: Excuse me?

Hitch: Lime wedges in the bottle’s fine. (He walks away and she’s forced to come after him.)


Woman: Hey, asshole, I don’t work here.

Hitch: I’m sorry. The paramedics will have to come to get my foot out of my mouth, sweetheart.

Woman: Just don’t let it happen again.

Hitch: I knew you didn’t work here

Woman: You did?

Hitch: How else was I supposed to get you away from all those guys?

Woman: Why would you want to do that? (Smiling)

And just like that, HE ignites her interest. BOOM.


REMEMBER: As long as she’s responding to you…SHE’S INTO YOU!

It’s up to you to be interesting enough for her KEEP responding, though. So if you want to know what to say to her to get her interested, I’ve got something you should see.

I’ve come up with a simple 7 words that will trigger her attraction and desire for you. You can learn more about these 7 words by CLICKING HERE…
Stay Alpha…

– Carlos Xuma

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