How To Know If She’s Into You

If you’re reading this, you might be like most men who finds it difficult to figure out if a woman likes you or not.

Women are hard to understand especially from a guy’s perspective, because men are just simple creatures, there’s no pretense…

I like her then I go after her. I don’t like her, I don’t pursue her – simple as that.

Whereas, women, they have these uncontrollable, incomprehensible emotional swings that mystify us – one minute they’re giddy and ecstatic – and with just a snap of a finger (or a careless comment) they switch over to instantly frigid and glaring.


It’s like you need to ALWAYS be on your toes. We can’t do anything about it though, because we love to be with them.

Chances are you’re smitten with a woman, but not sure exactly where you stand – does she like you that way or not?

She can be laughing at your jokes, hitting your arm playfully, giving you that flirty looks…

Still, you’re not sure right? She can just be flirty, or too comfortable with you. And you want to be REALLY sure – you don’t want to put “all in” and get rejected in the process.

So, how can you know? What’s a guaranteed way to find out if she’s REALLY into you?

There’s only ONE answer and you have to remember this…

She’s into you if she ENGAGES WITH YOU.


If she’s simply talking to you – and not acting like there are a million other places she wants to be, she’s into you.

For now.

That’s all there is to it!

“Engages” means talking to you or becoming involved in the conversation. And to do that you need to pique her interest, trigger her interest towards you.

So, stop looking for “signals” and start engaging with her. Push the energy in the conversation to get her to sit up and listen. Don’t try to bore her into liking you.


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