Has Kanye West Gone Too Far?

Let’s face it, there’s someone out there who’s taller, stronger, richer and cooler than you. But that doesn’t become an issue until you huff and puff and get bent out of shape over it.

Sure, Kanye’s entitled to his opinion about the state of the Grammys, but he could have been WAY classier about it.

An Alpha Male in a situation like that would have made the same point about the Grammys not respecting “real” artists – while being happy for Beck at the same time.

In fact, the Alpha response would have been along the lines of:

“Look, I’m happy that Beck won album of the year, but what about the OTHER equally talented artists who don’t get enough recognition for their hard work?”

If he left it at that, people would have taken him more seriously.

His actual response? Not so much.

Besides, asking an artist to give his award away to someone else out of “respect” is kinda off, don’t you think? But hey, that’s just me.

Enough of my little rant, though – did you think Kanye’s little stunt undermined his Alpha Male status, or was he just telling it like it is?


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– Carlos Xuma

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