How to be yourself and still be the MOST attractive guy in the room

That said, think of general stories you can tell, like some personal views you wanted to share, or funny and/or scary stuff that you lived through. It makes for a much more natural approach and gets women emotionally invested in the interaction.

Attraction Tip #3: Pick Her Brain

Another way to make her get into the conversation is by asking her stuff about herself. Most of the time, guys are too busy busting out the perfect pick-up line or canned routine that they forget that it’s a two-way street.

The more you know about her, the easier you can talk about new topics with her later on. That way, you’ll never get stuck at a dead end.

However, what you have to watch out for are the yes/no questions. Once she’s answered them, you’ve got nowhere to go from there.

The better route to take is by asking her thoughts after you’ve just put in her two cents. Let’s say you’re talking about that time you ran into a crazy homeless guy:

“So I gave him some change, and he was go grateful that he wanted to give me his toaster. I was freaked out because he followed me for a couple of blocks with the box in his hand. I was like, ‘Don’t you need that more than I do?’, but he just kept forcing it on me. He eventually gave up, thank God. Would you have done the same? Or would you have found out if it the toaster worked or not?”

(This really happened to me, by the way.)

It’s a much better approach than asking stuff like, “So what kind of TV shows do you watch?” because it will lead you down more interesting roads than a yes/no question would.

I’m not saying you can’t ask yes/no queries at all, but just remember that MOST of your questions should accomplish two things:

  • Open up her mind so you can pick her brain
  • Give her something to toss back to you, so you can reciprocate, and so on.

Once you’ve gathered enough information about her, you can start building her “profile”, which is going to help you seal the deal for her later on.


For example, her love of Labradors can help you think of a way to connect to that interest, like asking your friend down at the animal shelter to check out some dogs with her.

Or maybe you figured she’s a huge sci-fi fantasy fan, so you can get her a quirky little gift for next time, like a box of Darth Vader cupcakes.

This is a topic entirely for another time, but do keep in mind that it means a LOT to a woman if you care enough to pay attention to the little details about her.

The reason for that is it flips that “he makes me feel special” switch inside her. And that’s really what this all amounts to – getting in her head.

Once you’ve planted those seeds in her mind, that desire for you will grow within her, whether she wants to or not.

It’s almost magical, really.

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