How to take your breakup like a man

So this guy reacted on Facebook about his breakup.

But it’s not the usual sob story you’d typically see from a lesser man: no whining, no tears and no passive-aggressive status updates.

Instead, he won the Internet by making a hilarious, self-depreciating #SayThanks video dedicated to his ex. In his personalized tribute to their short-lived relationship, he toured viewers through the painful process of his breakup.


His slideshow included photos of him listening to Adele to drown his sorrow and getting wasted in his underwear, all of which made for good, harmless fun.

The best part is that his ex got a laugh out of it too, making him a super cool guy in her book.

It takes an Alpha Male to take it in stride when the shit hits the fan. Breakups can be brutal, so it really says something about a guy if he can poke fun at himself in spite of it.

In real life, he probably took it just as hard as anyone else. The only difference is that he came out of it OK and didn’t harbor any bitterness towards his ex.

If anything, staying classy online will actually increase your chances of getting back with an ex (if that’s what you want). Even if it’s not a guarantee, it certainly wouldn’t hurt your standing with her.

And while you’re at it, you should absolutely stay away from an ex’s timeline too. Don’t browse through her pictures and turn a blind eye to her status updates – hit that unfollow button instead.

There’s no reason for you to torture yourself by seeing her live her life without you (or with someone new). Just don’t go down that path.

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