How to be yourself and still be the MOST attractive guy in the room

Have you ever walked up to a woman, feeling unsure of yourself? And when you bombed trying to make conversation, you wanted to find a way to keep that from happening again?

So maybe you researched online and found a bunch of standard “Pickup Artist” material to help you be more attractive to women. And now you’re thinking you can’t go wrong because you’re ready for next time.

But ask yourself: can you really depend on canned routines and ready-to-go conversational bits to bring out your personality?

Will you really be that much more interesting to women if you became a bizarre, twisted version of yourself that won’t hold up forever?

There’s a better way to connect with women while being as genuine as you can be with them. Consider the following:

Attraction Tip #1: Too Much Prep Work Makes You Stale and Unoriginal

Here’s one good reason why you should ditch the cookie-cutter pickup lines and other ready-made material: forcing yourself to recite memorized lines will make you sound like a robot.

The more you repeat the same stuff over and over, the less natural you’ll sound to women. When you know in your heart that you’re spouting the same, tired old routine, it takes the joy out of making conversation with women – and they’ll catch on to this vibe.

Also, what happens when you strip mine your treasure trove of material?

Think of it as a crutch – those canned routines can only get you so far. Once it’s gone, you’ll need to ‘walk’ on your own, so you might as well start learning NOW.


Attraction Tip#2: The Natural Alternative – Tell Your Story

The one thing I’ve noticed among successful comedians is how well they are at sharing their experiences. They’re so good at connecting with audiences because they have that talent for taking them on a journey.

The newer standup artists understand that they’re not going to get far reciting the same lines night after night, and so they want to sound as natural as possible.

No longer will you hear them rely on same old, “So what’s the deal with…?” routine anymore.

Most of the time, they’ve stopped writing entire jokes in advance to avoid becoming robots as well. They just think of keywords and build their story from there.

For example one guy used the word “baseball”, and built his story around that. He went on a funny rant where he was complaining about having to give foul ball to kids if you caught one during the game.

He went on to say that he should get to keep it. Back in the day, he had to trade elbows with grownups, so his crazy theory was that kids today shouldn’t feel entitled, and so on.

Of course he was just exaggerating for comedic effect, but the point was that he built a natural-sounding story based on just a concept – not an elaborately structured routine.

So, that’s really the advantage of storytelling: you can insert some personalized humor about by making a “crazy” rant that could even be a little politically incorrect or edgy. That gives a girl something to react to later on.

She might say, “Oh, you’re so mean,” with a laugh, which is a good thing. Before you know it, you’ve got that back and forth teasing going on.

Better yet, that bust-each-other’s-chops vibe will kick in, setting the pace for the rest of the conversation.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

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