Get a Girlfriend

Get a Girlfriend

Without a little spicy argument now and then, your relationship would bore you to tears. Arguments are necessary to keep a relationship healthy and functioning. They add a little spice and also help both of you set limits and boundaries. If it is healthy, conflict keeps a relationship running smoothly. It stirs up the blood and adds a little passion to the interaction. Without an occasional argument, there can be little passion. If you are trying to get a girlfriend or have a girl, here are some things to remember.

Get A Girlfriend Tips:

A woman will initiate a fight — usually — for one of three reasons:

1. She’s ticked off for a legitimate reason and needs to complain about her gripe.

2. She’s in need of some attention or drama in her life.

3. She’s just plain in a bad mood and/or has PMS

Or it could be any combination of these three reasons. I don’t think I’m wrong in stating that the majority of men who are trying to get in to a relationship or have one, would like nothing better than to win every argument they have with a woman. This is just our nature. I have the magic key to how you can do this, but I suspect you might not like this solution. Doing it the right way guarantees that you will garner her respect and avoid needless drama. But if you use the key the wrong way, you are going to be a wimpy, henpecked pushover.

Here’s the key: delay every argument and if that is impossible then let her “win” every argument. This applies whether you are in a serious relationship or are trying to get a girl.

The guys who are reading this to learn more about getting a girlfriend are probably shaking their heads in disbelief, but I bet the guys with a girlfriend are intrigued. Let’s look at how to do this and then later why this works.

First, tell her that you understand she wants to discuss this, but that you are not ready and want to talk to her about it later after you’ve had some time to think. At first, this might tick her off more. She wants it dealt with NOW.

By acknowledging her complaint, gripe, or anger, you are being respectful and have to stand firm when she pouts that she wants to deal with it right NOW.

The reason you want to delay the conversation (argument, really) is that the majority of the time – I would even say 99 percent of the time — it stems from an emotional outburst and will resolve itself on its own with time. So why waste your time and energy on a power struggle that means nothing?

Another reason to create a delay is that you may not be prepared to defend yourself. This gives you time to collect yourself and not react. Remember this when you are trying to be in a relationship.

If there is no way to delay the argument, then don’t try to win it. This is the opposite of how you might respond to confrontation with a man. Don’t’ let her treat you like a doormat, but don’t even begin to engage in the discussion over who was right or wrong or who started it. You will always lose. And when you lose, you don’t get any, if you know what I mean. Remember these ancient words of wisdom: “The reed that bends does not break.”

If you have enough self-discipline to bend and control arguments, you will see that it is a waste of time to get into a power struggle and will only hurt you in the long run. Remember what you’ve read on this article so you can get a girlfriend in no time.



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