Seduce Women

Seduction is all about subtleties.

seduce womenIf you understand this, you are a head above every other guy out there. Unfortunately, most men think that the way to seduce women is to be aggressive. While there is a time and a place to be aggressive, it is usually after the seduction has begun.

The most effective method of seduction is all about body language and eye contact. You can seduce women just with a look if you know how. It is all about what you are thinking while you look at her.

What you should be thinking is something such as “I’m a man. She’s a woman. I want her bad and she knows it. AND she loves it.”

Think something a little bit arrogant and cocky – and maybe even a little dirty – and she will get the message loud and clear without you having to say a word.

This is much more effective than walking up to her and saying, “Hey, baby, you turn me on, let’s go get busy,” or some other godawful pick up line. (Of course, if you’re already in a relationship with the girl, this can be extremely effective, but it doesn’t usually work to seduce women you’ve just met.)

You can also seduce women by how you touch them. This would refer to touching them in a more public venue and subtly, once again is the key. It is the difference between grabbing a woman you barely know and macking on her and leaning over and gently, sexily kissing her neck. It’s much, much sexier to a woman to have you walk up and place your hand on her lower back. It is actually more intimate, than say, grabbing her butt. And definitely more effective in seduction. Women I’ve talked to about this have said that it literally gave them chills up their spine and heat down below.

So, say you are back in your apartment and want to know the best way to seduce women.

Here’s a little something you should know about women if you don’t already – atmosphere makes a world of difference. It doesn’t take a lot of money or effort and it can make all the difference in your ability to seduce. It sounds basic and trite, but it is always effective: dim lighting and/or candles, slow, seductive music and a little wine never hurts. Setup your ipod with a mix of good chill music and stuff that women love.

Keep in mind that you can have candles lit, music playing, and the finest champagne, but if she goes into your bathroom and the toilet has never been cleaned and there are curly hairs everywhere, that’s going to wreck the mood for her.

So part of being able to seduce women once you bring them home is making sure your apartment or house is clean. Make it a habit and then on that lucky night when you go out with friends not intending to meet anybody and have an amazing woman fall for you and want to go back to your place, your pad is ready for seduction.

Develop a habit of keeping your place reasonably clean, stock up on candles and good music and keep a bottle of wine or champagne chilling at all times and you will be set for seduction.

Remember the words of Sun Tzu: “The battle is won before it is fought…”

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