How To Impress A Girl

How to Impress a Girl – Let the Truth be told in JUST 5-Steps

Many men may think they know how to impress a girl, but do they really know?  Men are usually predictable and tend to follow the same techniques when trying to impress a girl.  It is a simple tactic when trying to impress her; once you have it mastered, it will automatically come out naturally.

It is NOT the idea to forcefully impress – putting on a fake persona, but instead to naturally impress to gain her respect and your trust.

How to Impress a Girl – Step 1: “Your appearance must be ABOVE par, so she will really be impressed, NOT.”

Your appearance tells a lot about you; it may give her an idea of how you live and how you act.

When initially meeting a girl, you want to look presentable. You don’t want to dress over-the-top which may appear fake and not real.  You definitely don’t want to look sloppy where it looks like you don’t care about anything.

By having an “I don’t care attitude,” wearing clothes that are dirty or have holes may give her a negative vibe about you.  She may get turned-off with you trying to pursue her, when it doesn’t look like you care about your own appearance.  She may automatically think you don’t care about anything else either.

By dressing over-the-top way out of your normal way of dressing may look like you are just trying to impress her.  It can come across as not being real with you.  If you don’t act the part of your appearance; or if you look nervous, she may get a vibe that you are ONLY trying to impress her – for ulterior motives.

How to Impress a Girl – Step 2: “Talking and controlling a conversation without maintaining eye contact lets her know you are a real man, NOT.”

Men may think by talking throughout the entire conversation may appear impressive because he is showing control, but she may actually find it boring and find you conceded.  Also, when she is talking and you do not keep eye contact; it may give her the feeling you are not interested in her.

If you control the conversation by not letting her talk or respond; it is a BIG turn-off.  Having conversation is about communicating and contributing together; not where it is just one-sided.

When she’s speaking, it is important to keep eye contact.  You want to focus only on her, you don’t want to look at anything else or she may think you are not interested in her or interested in anything she has to say.

How to Impress a Girl – Step 3: “Staring at other girls while sitting or walking with the girl you chose to be with is harmless, NOT.”

When pursuing a girl, you want to make sure she is all that you see and nothing else around you exists.

Nothing is tackier then men checking-out other girls, while with her.  Girls do not like it when a guy, who they are getting to know, gets distracted by checking out other girls.

She will respect and trust you more when you are focused only on her.  It will make her feel like you want to be with her.

How to Impress a Girl – Step 4: “By texting on a mobile phone is not a big deal when trying to impress a girl, NOT.”

Remember, you do NOT want to answer your mobile phone or even text someone on it.  It is understandable if you need to see who is calling, but don’t answer it.

She will be turned-off if you answer or text on your mobile phone.  It is tacky and she may think you are not interested in her.  She may think that whoever is on the other end of the phone may be more important her.

It is important not to use your mobile phone while with a girl you are trying to pursue.

How to Impress a Girl – Step 5: “By aggressively making a move on a girl is a good thing; it really is NOT.”

Most men tend to want to move quickly as far as being romantic, but she may not.

When trying to impress her, you don’t want to come off as being too strong.  You want to make a positive impression on her; when you can’t control yourself, she may think you are only interested in one thing instead of her.

Important to keep in mind these 5-steps of how to impress a girl; so you will have positive results with her and she will be ready for seeing you for a second time.

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