How To Talk To Women

One of the many mysteries of our world is how to connect or “how to talk to women?” You got the look, the confidence and the style to capture every woman’s attention, but are those enough for them to connect or converse with you?

Let me give you some tips on how to talk to women.

Most of us guys know our gadgets more than women so let me use some techie terms for better understanding.

Connect. Women do not have NFC (Near Field Communication) that you can just tap them and they start communicating with you.

You have to make them turn their Bluetooth on or make them feel at ease and send them a message that you are not a virus; you just want to talk to them.

How do you turn their Bluetooth on? On the digital world, you turn your Bluetooth on if want your friends to send you their photos, music and other things on their phone that interests you.

Same with women, show them something that would interest them for them to open themselves to you and let you connect. Most men use humor. I do, and it works. Laughter isn’t just the best medicine; it is also the best charmer.

Make sure you laugh at her jokes too.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman

They’re not Siri. Once you are connected how do you sustain the conversation? Don’t treat them like Siri and let the conversation flow just like a question and answer portion of a pageant.

You don’t ask “How’s the weather today?” or “How do I get from point A to point B?” Women use their emotions more than logic so talk to them and target their emotions. Use passion not fashion. Don’t talk about fashion if you are not interested with, it’ll show.

The more you get bored with it the more she gets bored with you too.

They have QR Codes too – their body language. You have to be equipped with a reader for you to be able to understand her nonverbal responses. Reading their body language will get you to places. You can tell if she’s getting bored or getting more excited by just observing and reading her body language. In doing that, you can make necessary adjustments to “keep her Bluetooth on.”

Remember the first time you bought an expensive gadget and never really understood how to go around it even after reading the manual a couple of times? That’s how complex women are too. You will never get to understand them but you can learn by constantly communicating with them.

Stay Alpha…!

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