How To Talk To Women

How To Talk To Women

Wars are fought because of it.

Marriages break up because of it.

Feelings are hurt because of it.

So much conflict in life stems from poor communication. If you can stop what you are doing right now and take some time to learn how to talk to women, your life will improve dramatically.

One thing to keep in mind when you are studying how to talk to women is that healthy boundaries within a relationship are very important. Sometimes these boundaries get confusing when men and women communicate. Men often talk about what they think while women talk about what they feel and the two just don’t seem to be able to meet in the middle.

For instance, a woman might blame a man for how she feels in reaction to a comment he has made. That is not a healthy boundary. She is separate from this man and he is not obligated to take responsibility for how she feels. Nobody should give another person the power to make them feel good or bad. That is not having a healthy boundary.

You can apply this to communicate between two people. Even if a man told a woman she was stupid (I would never recommend this is for to talk to women) that woman needs strong enough boundaries to know that only she is responsible for how she feels about herself, despite what anyone else says. (She should also ditch any guy who says that, but that’s a whole another story.)

My point is sharing this is that guys can get caught up in these types of situations and relationships with unhealthy boundaries and will get called on everything they say when they are trying to effectively learn how to talk to women.

While you should never be a jerk, remember that you are not responsible for how someone feels about themselves based on what you say. And vice versa. No one should be able to make you FEEL bad or good or anything without you giving them that power. And don’t give them that power.

Another issue that crops up when you are trying to create a healthy relationship is the green-eyed monster. This may be the single leading cause of most dating problems. Jealousy, at its heart, stems from a lack of self-esteem. And when a girl is jealous, usually 99 percent of it is in her head and not anything you said when you talk to women.

Unfortunately, jealousy and being worried that your woman is going to cheat can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Your gal may be more attracted and hook up with a man who doesn’t act crazy jealous around her and feel like he has to control her every move.

The good news is that by learning how to talk to women, by learning what women want, and by studying how to be the best man you can be, you can increase your self confidence and put the jealousy beast to rest once and for all.

-Carlos Xuma

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