Find A Woman

Find A Woman

Nobody wants to date a woman who sleeps around with half the town. Nobody wants a woman who is emotionally volatile and occasionally takes a ride on the crazy train. Nobody wants a woman who is clingy and insecure.

All these character traits (flaws) are no brainers. But it’s not always as easy to nail down some essential qualities that are important to pay attention to when you want to find a woman.

When I talk to guys about how to find a woman, I usually bring up a few essential qualities, or positive traits, that most men use to judge a woman’s essence. These are the essential traits I look for when I want to find a woman of quality.

1. Flexible. This means she is open to adventure and is basically low maintenance. She goes with the flow and doesn’t feel like things always have to be her idea or her way.

2. Positive Attitude. This means she is upbeat and optimistic. She takes care of herself and expects good things out of life. She doesn’t need to be reassured constantly.

3. Integrity. This is all about her morals and values. You don’t worry about her choices. You know her head and heart are in the right place.

4. Trust. This goes along with integrity. You can trust this woman. This is important even for men who don’t see marriage or fatherhood in their future – you just never know. You want to find someone you trust enough that if she did end up raising your children you’d be okay with that. When you are looking to find your soulmate, you don’t want a woman who backstabs or is resentful.

5. Attractive. She must not only be attractive to you physically, but mentally. If she stimulates you intellectually, the sex is so much better.

6. Sex Drive. A lot of people don’t talk about this, but she needs to have a sex drive and desire that is comparable to you. You don’t want this to become an issue later. Some men I know are happy with sex once a month (yes, they do exist) and others want it ten times a day. You need to make sure you are at least partially compatible in this area or that each one of you are willing to compromise a bit here.

7. Competent. She must be able to take care of herself and not be looking for someone to rescue her. Some men think that they like a woman like this because it makes them feel needed and powerful, but in the end, usually a guy loses respect for the woman who is like this and/or becomes resentful.A competent, capable woman should be taking care of herself and have a smooth-running life.

These seven essential traits or characteristics are just starting points to help you narrow the field in determining how to find a woman. You may add some other important traits you are looking for to this list, but this is a great jumping off point.

-Carlos Xuma

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