How Do I Seduce A Woman

How Do I Seduce A Woman

Women are intriguing, captivating, and complex.

Men spend their entire lives trying to figure women out. And ultimately, we probably never want to completely figure them out, but we do want some clues as to how they operate, what they want, and how they think so we can be pros at seduction and bringing women into our lives.

Here are some tips I like to share about how do I seduce a woman. You first must learn a little bit about what makes women tick. Read on.

How Do I Seduce A Woman?

I understand moods and that they are a fundamental part of what makes women tick. Moods are shifts in emotions that can happen lightening fast and can change a woman’s perspective on everything from the meal she is about to eat to how she feels about you.

Mood swings are unpredictable and uncontrollable. However, you can learn how to ride them out. The easiest way to do this – whether it is her mood swing or yours – is to have enough self-discipline to not react. The less you do, the better. Clam up and wait for the moment to pass. Otherwise, you may do or say something you regret.

Instead, just pretend she has dropped acid and is going to be acting temporarily crazy and that she really can’t even control it. Usually, within a few hours, it will be over and chances are if you don’t react, she will take back anything crazy she said.

Keep in mind this advice is for occasional mood swings. Frequent bouts like this could indicate a larger problem.

How Do I Seduce A Woman?

I avoid answering some of her questions. This sounds a little odd, so let me explain. Sometimes when a woman is asking you a question, she doesn’t want the literal answer to it, she is fishing for something else.

For instance, say she starts up a conversation about whether she should bring a gift to a party given by a woman you both know. If you say, she should, she might answer that she never liked this woman anyway, but it sure looks like you do. What? You are completely taken aback. Her question was just a venue for her to vent her jealousy.

An easy way to avoid this is rather than just answering the question and sometimes getting yourself in trouble, dig deeper to find out the real reason she asked such a seemingly innocuous question. This is key when you want to know how flirt with a woman.

For instance, when she asked if she should bring a gift, you could have said, “Why do you ask?” That then gets to the heart of what she is trying to say, which in this case, is that she’s worried about going to the party because she’s jealous of how much you talked to that girl last time.

So in those two examples, it just took a little bit of time and understanding about how women tick for me to learn the best way to handle some potentially volatile situation. If you take the time to understand women, you will be surrounded by quality women that will ultimately make you a happier man. These are the things you need to learn in how do I seduce a woman.

-Carlos Xuma

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