How to Talk to Girls

If you want to meet women and eventually have sex with them, you are going to need to learn how to talk to girls.

You see, there is a fine line between telling a woman enough about yourself to inspire her trust and telling her so much that you lose all of the essential mystery necessary to spark sexual attraction.

How much to disclose is definitely a tricky part of the seduction routine. How do you know what to tell her and when so it will have the maximum impact?

Learning How to Communicate with Girlsdoes not happen overnight, but if you keep this general rule of thumb in mind, you will at least have a start.

Don’t ever, ever tell a girl anything that will result in her being less attracted to you.

Now, of course, this is easier said than done. It does sound like commonsense, but you would be surprised by how many men blow it and spit out too much personal, intimate information too early in the game. They seem to just gush about unnecessary details that are too much, too soon.

It’s a fine balance in how to have a conversation with women because they will be practically begging you to be honest and share yourself with them, but don’t be suckered into doing so.

How to Talk to Girls:

1. Women don’t really want to know it all. They just want you to tell them enough so they feel comfortable sleeping with you…

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
2. If you blab too early, it will positively murder any chance you had getting laid. It also shows the woman you lack self-discipline and self-control, which are two crucial parts of your overall self-confidence.

3. A much better idea is to err on the other end. Take the chance that you are not giving her enough personal information and detail. That way you weave an aura of mystique around you.

Just for fun, I’m going to share with you a few things that you really need never share if you want to know flirting with women effectively:

  • Your impressive statistics on serial killers
  • Sex stories
  • Kinky sex desires (save those for later)
  • How big your comic/toy/porn collection is.It can actually be summed up like this: Avoid any talk of blood, death, pain, murder, war, rape, famine or anything else that might have a negative connotation.

A woman doesn’t need to know your sordid past. She just needs to know you aren’t a freak or dangerous before she will sleep with you. That’s a little secret you should remember in talking to women.

Here’s another good general rule of thumb in how to talk to ladies: Try to avoid talking about yourself at all. The best conversationalists are the ones who listen to others speak. In other words, try to direct the conversation so it is about her. But don’t act like you are avoiding talking about yourself, but dribble the details out sparingly. The key is not to be suspicious, but to be a bit mysterious in learning  How to Talk to Girls.

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