Here’s One Trick to Seduce Her

Women need to first feel that emotional connection before she even thinks about getting hot and heavy with a guy. So that means meeting those emotional requirements by using your masculine qualities to complement her feminine side.

Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it sounds. What I mean by this is espousing “manly” traits that will trigger her primal desire for her ideal man.

The definition of “ideal” in this case is being someone who can “protect” her and be a generally dependable guy.

Here are some effective ways to influence her perception:

  • Show her that you’re genuinely concerned about her well-being (e.g. helping her out when she’s in a jam, offering advice, or just listening to her when she’s upset about something).
  • Be decisive when you ask her out: give her options, but set a definite time and date for each place you want to take her.
  • This also applies when first meeting her (“Hey, it’s been great talking to you, why don’t we exchange Twitter handles and meet up next Friday? There’s a cool coffee shop that just opened up and I can show you that book I was talking about”).
  • Don’t freak out when she disagrees with you about something (like sports, religion, politics, music, etc.) – or if something doesn’t go according to plan (e.g. your car breaks down during your date).


Once you’ve appealed to her inner cave-woman by protecting her from the big, bad world, you’ll plant an undeniable feeling of attraction in her brain.

And another way to turn up your masculinity even more is by plugging the “holes” that could make you lose your testosterone. I call this T-Bleed, and you need to be ahead of this to stay on top of your game.

Learn all about it by going here.

Stay Alpha…
– Carlos Xuma

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