Getting The Girl You Want To Ask You Out

Getting her to notice you needs a certain skill which you can learn from dating experts and self-help books.

Think of Hitch (from the movie “Hitch”), that part where he was teaching Albert (the chubby guy with “nice personality”).

In that movie, Hitch perfected a system for how to ask a girls out – and was able to pass on his system to other men who need it. It was how to make women see you as the hottest guy in the room, and how to make a woman fall for you.


How about…getting women to ask you out? You might be thinking that this seems to be an impossible feat. But, is it?

First, you have to understand that even in this day and age of female empowerment, she might NOT ask you out even if she likes you because of…

1.             Tradition – society dictates that men should be the one to ask a woman out.

2.             Male ego – the common belief that when a woman ask a guy out, it lowers his masculinity, which is a bad thing for a guy.

3.             Desperation – men might find it as an act of desperation, which will turn men off.

These are just a few of the factors that hold her back. There are a lot of preconceived notions of what roles a man and a woman should play in dating and courtship.


So, if you REALLY like a woman, and for whatever reason that prevents you from asking her out yourself –  here are some tips on what you need to do to get her to ask you out.

Get Her To Ask You Out Tip #1: Make her feel comfortable with you.

It’d take a confident woman to step up and do this without feeling comfortable with you first. Your actions will play a huge part in giving her that extra boost to take the risk and ask you out.

She won’t open herself to you right away because women are normally timid and shy. So, you’ll have to give her a bit of encouragement.


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