Bringing Out “The Feminine” In A Woman

We all love that femininity in a woman – her sweetness, girlishness and softness.

But she’s not like that all the time right?

When she’s angry or stressed, all hell breaks loose and you end up walking out.

Did you know there’s something that you can do to coax out her femininity? Get that girly girl to show her cute side?

Read this article now and check it out. It lists the reasons why she loses it and tips on cultivating it out.

Stay Alpha,

– Carlos Xuma


Title: Bringing Out “The Feminine” In A Woman …

Have you ever been in the presence of a woman who is in her true feminine energy? I say presence because it’s not only something that you can see by the way her face softens or lights up but it’s a warmth and vibrancy that she emanates and that you can actually feel. It’s truly a wonderful thing.

What a feminine woman looks like …

I have experienced for myself and seen it many times over: a woman in her feminine energy. A feminine woman is generally a happy woman – a woman that is very at ease. She has a warmth, vibrancy, and openness towards you. She is innately connected to herself. In a relationship, a feminine woman is attentive, caring, and supportive. She finds it easy to find things that she appreciates. She looks comfortable, secure, and at ease with you. It’s easy for her to laugh, it’s easy for her to be vulnerable, and it’s easy for her to connect with you.

Reasons why she loses it …

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