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Do you want the secret to how to attract women? Do you want to have women swoon and go crazy about you?

In my book on how to attract women, the easiest way to accomplish this is to find some strong role models and emulate and adopt the behaviors and traits that women find attractive. In my view, it is safest to choose male role models who have stood the test of time. For instance, James Bond has longevity as a role model. Both in paperbacks and on the big screen, he has been able to attract women for years.

Let’s use him as our example of a strong role model who has traits you need to make part of your own persona. Here are the characteristics he exhibits broken down as you might find them in my book:

Attract Women Book: Traits:

1.Self-confidence. James Bond oozes confidence. He practically exudes it. He is never uncertain. Even if he had a sliver of insecurity about him, we would never know it for a second.

2. A sense of humor. Notice I don’t say you have to have a spectacular sense of humor, just that you have one. James Bond does this effortlessly. He is able to be humorous even when a big axe is about to crash down on his world or his head. Women love this nonchalance.

3. Sophistication. James Bond knows the finest alcohol, clothes, technology, and food. It is a part of him. He is not a braggart, but he definitely knows and appreciates the nicer things in life.

4. Passionate. James Bond isn’t afraid to have strong feelings. But you don’t usually see him crying. In fact, you never do. He’s a rock when it comes to controlling his emotions. That’s why when something ticks him off, say a beautiful woman, who has put their life in danger, he isn’t afraid to tell her how he feels.

In addition, he does not tolerate any disrespect.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
I’ve used James Bond as an example, but he may not work for you. The trick is to find a male role model whom you admire and then study his traits and characteristics. Figure out which of those make women attracted to him. Then emulate him. Fake it until you make it.

Remember that you can determine how attracted women are to you by the way you portray yourself. You have more control over their perception of you than you’ve ever dreamed.

In my attract women book, I like to invite men to do an experiment. On one night, go to a club and do what you’ve always done. When you get home, record your results with the women. On another night, walk into that club like you were born to own it. Swagger, a little, if you want. Act like you are the James Bond of your little town or your little corner of the Big City. Then compare notes. You’ll find attitude rocks it all the way.

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