X Factor New Zealand Contestant Stands up to a Couple of Bullies

See for yourself:

Yeah, Irvine’s the psycho, sure. That’s a totally normal and well-balanced critique right there.

Notice how Irvine didn’t bother defending his look or get into a lengthy argument with them. He simply stated the fact that he did look good, making his frame of reality stronger than theirs.

It doesn’t get more Alpha than that.

Honestly, I don’t care much for shows where people with questionable talent tell aspiring musicians what they can or can’t do.

And for these two gems to get into a mind-boggling rant that had nothing to do with Irvine’s singing? Well, it’s pretty obvious who was crazy on that show.

The best part was that Irvine didn’t get worked up at all – he just stepped back and let those fools shoot themselves in the foot. That was just brilliant.

It’s like what they say in Jiu Jitsu: “Let the other guy get tired.”

This is an important life skill to learn, so take heed, gents.

Sometimes, life will serve you up a couple of a-holes every now and then – remember to tune out their noise and listen to your inner voice.

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