Stop Getting On Women’s Nerves

#3: Trying Too Hard to Impress Her

So you pull in a hefty paycheck and your car is the object of your friends’ envy. But don’t think that material abundance automatically equals high social value.

Don’t make it about the stuff you own. It will impress women who are just after your wallet, but not those who you really want to date (unless you’re fine with being a meal ticket).

Focus on demonstrating leadership qualities like decisiveness, staying cool under pressure and being emotionally intelligent. Those traits are worth more than any amount of bling on you.

#4: Treating Her Like Your Shrink

Maybe you got burned in your last relationship or you got bullied as a kid in school. Everyone has crap to deal with, but now is not the time to lay on the heavy stuff.

Susan, a friend of mine, said she was freaked out when the guy she dated committed this no-no. “There we were, having a good time over our coffee when we went into the topic of ex-partners,” she said with a grimace, “then everything went downhill from there.”

“It was like opening a floodgate…he was visibly upset and his rant went on different tangents like his messed up childhood and commitment issues.”

Needless to say, she wanted to get up and run as far away as possible.


Don’t be this guy. Wait until you’ve gained a little traction with her first, then you can get into those issues little by little.

She’s more likely to fall for you if you’re discreet at first, then make her feel that she’s earned the privilege to see your vulnerable side when the time is right.

Hey, none of us are perfect, but a little self-awareness never hurt a guy. If you find yourself slipping into these behaviors, all you need to do is make a mental note and hit the brakes.

By the way, there’s another problem you need to be aware about, and it’s called T-Bleed. Annoying behaviors are one thing, but losing your testosterone is a whole other pitfall (which is what T-Bleed does).

Like stuff that gets on women’s nerves, knowing about it is the first step to prevention. Get educated by going here.

Stay Alpha…
– Carlos Xuma

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