How To Talk To Women

Learning how to talk to women can sometimes be painful. Hearts get broken. Feelings get hurt. Egos get crushed.

Men become gun shy when too much of this happens.

I like to recommend that men learning how to talk to women remember that their commitment to women in the dating world should mimic a Wall Street philosophy: Only invest as much as you can afford to lose.

Too many guys get crushed when they make a heavy emotional investment in a girl who doesn’t deserve it. They end up bitter and jaded. Make sure you don’t by following some of the tips:

How To Talk To Women Strategies:

1. Be willing and even a bit eager to endure some discomfort to achieve success with women. Women usually have the upper hand because since birth they’ve been taught and practiced how to win in the dating game. Men are already at a disadvantage. We don’t spend our childhoods playing with dolls and practicing relationship skills. Instead, we are making noises with our trucks and tackling one another. Women are working on relationship skills from an early age.

They key is to realize that you are starting in the minor league and trying to pitch to someone who is already in the majors. There are going to be some bumps and a huge learning curve along the way. Be prepared for them and have faith that as you learn and improve, you will soon end up in the majors.

2. Realize that your discomfort is self-inflicted. What that means is understanding that the only pain and suffering you feel in the dating world is the self-induced kind. That is because you are allowing yourself to feel inadequate or bad the majority of the time. All the things you are afraid of women doing to you, like tossing a drink in your face when you try to talk to her, almost never happen. As long as you don’t come on like a jerk, you have a shot 99 percent of the time. Most of the rejection you imagine is in your head. The rejection that does exist really has nothing to do with you as a person. How can someone judge you accurately within thirty seconds? They can’t.

3. Set a threshold for discomfort and pain. What that means is don’t let anyone come in close enough to break your heart unless you want them to. What that means is reduce your output of energy and emotion until you know your feelings are going to be reciprocated. That means also learning how to gauge a woman accurately. Don’t read too much into how a woman acts. Give the relationship time to flourish and develop and then you will have no doubts about her feelings. Pay no attention to what she says, but focus on what she does. Her feelings will become crystal clear by her actions.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
These are some strategies on how to talk to women and be an alpha male.

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