Confidence: Part 10 – Tenacity

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Winston Churchill said it best- “Never, never, never, never give up.” That is some of the best advice you will ever hear. In any facet of your life, it fits, especially in the dating world.

That is, until you find the right woman for you. Then, never give up learning how to keep her, and yourself, happy. But till then, never give up in your dating journey. That is what is known as tenacity.


Have you ever heard the story of the man who purchased some land to search for diamonds? He searched for years and never found any. So, he gave up and sold the land. The next owner was walking along one day and tripped on a stone.

Just under that stone, was a huge diamond that made that man one of the wealthiest around. The moral of the story is to never give up, as the thing you are seeking may very well be the next rock you over turn. And unless you have found the woman of your dreams, keep turning over some rocks. Next!

There is knowledge in every failed relationship, every failed attempt, and every sad and lonely unfruitful night out on the town. You will not be successful every time. Period. No one is. Not even the masters. So do not get down on yourself.


But do look back on what you did or did not do to glean some answers. What can you learn? Realize you are human and are fallible. But you are not a failure, unless you fail to learn from your mistakes.

Every time you tweak your approach, you are peeling off the layers of what does not serve you, and getting to the core of what is attractive. Once you jettison all the crap that is fighting for space in your head, you free up room for what works.

And that leads to confidence. This will only come with time and evaluation. If you are not examining your dating life, you are just digging more unproductive holes in the ground.

Remember, you are looking for diamonds! Next! Read the rest of the article HERE…

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