Confidence: Part 9 – Forgiveness

Hey, it’s Carlos – I’ve got a guest article from my good buddy Spike today…

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Why do you not have the level of success with women that you want right now? You go out, make approaches, open sets, and use all the right lines. You have the right body language, know just the right amount of eye contact to hold, and you generally feel pretty damn good about yourself. So why are you not swimming in women? Well, to be perfectly candid, who cares!?!

That is the wrong way to look at it. Consider this, you have done all those things I just stated and you may have done them well. You have had some success for certain. You may not have the level that you believe you deserve, but you have a lot of knowledge that you didn’t have before you started this quest.


The fact that you understand terms like approach, sarge, open sets, kino, etc. shows that you are most definitely on the right track. But for some of you, there is still something hampering your success. It is possible that forgiveness may be holding you back.

Let me explain what I mean. Many books talk all about you forgiving others. You must move past, or send love out to those who wronged you, etc. Whether you agree with those or not, that is not what I am talking about. I am focusing on you forgiving yourself.

How many times have you replayed in your mind something that has happened in your past? Maybe you had a divorce, a bad break up, or just messed up with a woman you really liked. Hell, I’ve done all of those and more.


You can’t change what happened, no matter how hard you try. The past is gone. Period. Sure, someone may have wronged you, but what’s more important is that you have to find a way to forgive yourself for your failures.

Yet so many of us hold on to the past and allow it to hamper our future. If you carry past hurts with you into the dating field, it is like holding a sign that says “broken” above your head. Oddly enough, that can be an attractor for those ladies who feel the need to “fix” you, but it will not be long lasting nor fulfilling.

When you made decisions in those past scenarios, you did so with the best knowledge available to you at the time. You know more now, do you not? Of course you do, because you learned from those situations. Read the rest of the article HERE…

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