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A lot of really good guys who are not ready to be married, make the mistake of thinking that the honorable thing to do is to find a woman and date one woman exclusively. Part of the reasoning behind this is that men automatically think that all women disapprove of a guy who dates more than one person at a time.

I often hear men saying how much they like the woman they are dating and that she might even be “the one” and that they are worried about blowing it with this girl and want to spend all their time with her.

These attitudes are all mistakes and in fact, stand a good chance of making you lose this girl. When you find a great girl, you are going to blow it if you make her the center of your universe and put her on a pedestal.

When you act obsessed with a girl, this will kill her attraction. But if you continue to date other people, then you will keep that attraction aflame.

Here are some tips on how to pick a woman and keep a woman by dating others:

Find a Woman Tips:

1. Maintain your Self-Esteem and Good Attitude. When you are dating one woman exclusively she ends up having control over whether you are accepted or rejected. When she turns you down or expresses disapproval, you don’t have any other relationship to counter that. All your eggs are in the one basket and this can hurt your confidence level. When you date more than one woman, then what just one woman says won’t have as much power because you know for a fact that other women feel differently. This not only protects your self-esteem, but also bolsters it. You don’t fear that if you blow it with one woman, you will be all alone. You know that won’t happen.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
2. Frame of Reference. When you are dating several women, you can get a healthy perspective on their behaviors and what standards you hold women up to. You can compare personalities and behaviors and that helps you figure out what is best for you. For instance, when one woman spends part of the evening talking to another guy at a party, you can compare it to another woman you are dating, who looks adoringly in your eyes all night long and figure out just what works for you. This prevents you from rationalizing behavior that would otherwise be a red flag for you.

3. Increased Attractiveness to Women. You look like a rock star. It’s all about perceived value. Women want what they can’t have. Being popular and in demand will make you even more desirable to other women.

4. Healthy Balance. When you date more than one woman, you can avoid becoming obsessed with just one person and falling into the trap that she is the only one for you. When you are crazy about a girl, that might be the best time to date several women to keep you from behaving in an obsessive, desperate manner that would otherwise scare her way.

These are some tips on how to find a woman.

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