5 Ways To Get A Woman In Bed

Ways To Get A Woman In Bed #3: Make her feel like YOUR QUEEN
Make her feel like she’s fascinating to you – in an uncommon way. Forget all your problems, worries, and focus your attention on her. Not in an approval -seeking way, but in a “Hey, what’s this? She’s interesting…
“Compliment her outfit, sense of humor, perfume… NOT her physical appearance.  Don’t overdo it! Too much can get annoying, and you won’t sound genuine.
12Be a gentleman. Open the car door, pull out her chair when she’s about to sit…

You do this and she’ll notice…and YOU will win her.

Ways To Get A Woman In Bed #4: Don’t look desperate

It’s an unattractive look for ANY guy to show how desperate he is for sex.

If a woman feels like you see her ONLY as a sex object, say GOODBYE to seeing her next to you in bed.

Why? It’s simple. She doesn’t like to be objectified… just like you don’t like to be objectified on the basis of how deep your wallet is. (Even if we do objectify from instinct, don’t make it obvious.)

Treat her like a human being and you’ll be able to seduce ANY woman you like.

Ways To Get A Woman In Bed #5: Broadcast your Passion

Show her what your PASSION is… it could be your work, hobby, or car. Prove that you’re not some shallow guy who just wants sex. Talking to her about things you’re passionate about will make her interested in you.


This is a nice way to impress her by keeping her attention on you.

When you’re with her, don’t be reluctant to show your REAL emotions… do a subtle physical flirting and you can easily have her.

Remember this… a woman would want to have some sort of an INTIMATE CONNECTION with a guy BEFORE she decides to be in bed with him.

So it’s up to you to create that connection…

If you’d like some strategies for how to do this – so that women will practically approach YOU – go watch this special training video…
Stay Alpha…

– Carlos Xuma

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