Attract Women

3 Deadly Mistakes
Attractive Woman
The most important part of learning how to attract women is understanding how women work. Please notice that I did not say how women “think.” One of the biggest mistakes guys make is to try to understand what’s going on inside a woman’s mind as if this will unlock all of her behavior.

Women work on EMOTIONAL logic. This is not the same as the kind of logic that most men use, which is why we’re always baffled and find ourselves wondering, “What do women want?”

What you’re about to discover here are the five most powerful secret strategies for attracting women that you can use – that most men will never learn.

Strategy 1: Command her attention…

Most guys will approach a woman in a very weak and approval-seeking way. As a man, we have to command her attention from the very first second we lock eyes on her. Doing any less will practically guarantee you’ll never get her attention – or attract women with any real impact.

The big mistake men make is to be too indirect, and try to “sneak in” the back door of being her friend first. You must be direct – showing confident body language in your approach, grabbing her attention from the very start. Women have their appearance as a way to grab our attention; guys must use our Alpha Male power to attract women the same way.

Strategy 2: Don’t be grabby…

Again, most guys try to touch or handle women in the wrong way when they approach women or want to attract women. You have to observe the physical boundary of a woman and respect her “personal bubble.”

The only touch you need to make should be a brief touch on her arm – for just a second – as you open the conversation. No lingering contact or groping in any way. The rule with touch is that the less you know her, the briefer your contact must be. Too much too soon will obliterate her interest and attraction for you.


Strategy 3: Be swift and decisive…

This might sound like a rule from Sun Tzu, but it’s especially effective when you discover how to attract women sexually. You can’t appear as if you don’t know what it is you want.

You approach her as if you know she’s a woman you want to get to know. You also have to move quickly and open a conversation with her so that she doesn’t sense you waiting around. There’s nothing more unattractive than watching a guy fight to work up his courage to do something.

Actually, there is something more unattractive – watching him lose that fight and walk away defeated without approaching her.

So be swift and approach her without waiting. You don’t want her to think you aren’t confident, and you don’t want to give yourself a chance to back out.

Strategy 4: Don’t be too eager.

Women can sense how “in demand” you are by your attitude. Needy guys just give off this reeking odor of insecurity and scarcity that will repel women almost instantly.

Think about it this way: Those men that have all the women that they want – how do they act? How do these guys behave around other women?

That’s right – like it’s no big deal.

So whenever you catch yourself feeling that needy, over-attentive, desperately seeking attention vibe, you have to cut it out immediately.

Strategy 5: Don’t be afraid to get help.

Something we guys don’t do well is seek out help from others when we’re struggling. It’s our male ego, and it can really get in the way. Foolish pride has kept the best of us from discovering the hidden strategies.

It’s tempting to fall victim to the myth that guys should just “know” how to get women intuitively. But that is just a myth that can condemn you to a life of scarcity and struggle when it comes to being successful with women.

Take the time to get the tips and techniques that will help you attract any women you desire – without becoming a manipulative jerk in the process.

Attraction isn’t a choice – but it’s a power you can possess to get the woman you want in your life and in your bed – and get what you deserve as a man…