"FINALLY - Get Almost Any Attractive Woman
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(And Pay For Them),
While She Shamelessly Competes With Women For Your Attention..."

And Have Her Dragging YOU Into Bed To Win You Over...

Hi, this is Carlos Xuma.

If you want to have a fun, sexy girlfriend in your bed and in your life in 30 days or less, I have some vital news for you.

In the next few minutes, you’re about to discover you may be on a dead end road to meeting women – and if you stay on this road – how it will literally FORCE you to fail with women.

I’m also going to show you how everything you’ve ever heard about getting a girlfriend is completely wrong.

In fact, I’m going to show you how most guys wind up stuck in “the friends zone” with women – and how to flip the power dynamic so that she rushes you to the bedroom faster than she ever expected to…

I’m Going To Show You How To
Stop Making These Blunders,
What Women Are Really Looking For
To Date You Seriously,
– And How To Put An End To The Drama…

So you can finally get a fun sexy girlfriend in your bed and in your life in 30 days (or less).

By the end of this short report, you’ll finally feel like you have a magic wand to get nearly any attractive woman you meet to want you and ONLY you – make her chase you for dates (and pay for them), have her shamelessly competing with other women for your attention, and dragging you into her bed to win YOU over…

  • No matter if you’ve never had ‘game’ with women or don’t know how to talk to women…
  • No matter how much younger she is than you…
  • No matter your looks, your car, or your bank account balance…
  • No matter how hopeless you feel the situation might be for you right now…

Look, I Know Your Secret…

I understand where you’re at… You don’t want to be a pickup artist, or have to change into some manipulative jerk just to meet women… You want a GIRLFRIEND.

You just want to find that one amazingly cool & sexy chick that you come home to at the end of the day, and she’s going to treat you like a king…

That’s why you’re here… and you’re not alone…

I’ve talked to thousands of guys over the last 10 years, and they all say they want that same thing.

It’s not that they want to be a seduction guru or pickup artist… It’s not that they want to spend months slaving to memorizing lines and scripts…

They just want to find a great girlfriend. And deep underneath it all, so do you.

Don’t worry, I’m not telling anyone. I’m just like you…

I dig having a cool girl around that I can share experiences with.

Think of all the reasons girlfriends are cool to have:

  • You don’t have to be alone, you’ll have companionship whenever you want…
  • You get guaranteed, regular sex…
  • You have a trophy you can show off and make your buddies jealous for once…
  • You’ll have someone to chill out with…
  • You have somebody to share things with, talk to about everything – or nothing at all…
  • You have someone to support you – take your side, nurture you…
  • You can end the crazy, draining search for a woman – put an end to the dating games…
  • You get the validation of being a guy that can get and keep a woman…
  • You can stop wasting time on women that aren’t what you want
  • You can share inside jokes and private moments together…
  • You can find a woman that overlooks your flaws…
  • You can go out with your friends who have girlfriends and not be the oddball or “fifth wheel…”
  • (Maybe someday – Shhhhh – you can even have a family…)

Hey – a girlfriend could be the last missing piece in your life you’re looking for.

And any way you look at it – finding, meeting, approaching, and dating women is tiring. It can take you weeks just to meet a woman or two… A few more weeks to get through all the logistical crap and finally get her out on a date.

But the worst part is if she doesn’t dig you – if she doesn’t see you as boyfriend material… She’ll just disappear on you – and you get to start all over again.

Go back to the end of the line and try to do it ALL over again.

Wouldn’t It Be Better To Have
One Cool Chick You Can
Share Your Fun Times With…?

I can tell you from experience, it is a lot better with a steady girl around.

You see, I was alone and completely lost with women for nearly 20 years, and I want to show you how I solved this problem once and for all. I used to be a complete TRAGEDY with women…

  • Lonely. I spent most of my weekends at home alone with my dog, Cisco. Watching movies, drinking beer, eating Chinese Food from Tommy’s Wok down the street…
  • Frustrated. I would meet women nearly every week, but come away with “failure to launch” with all of them.
  • Angry. That I’m this great, smart, interesting guy, and I couldn’t get women to see all the things I have to offer them.
  • Depressed. That my other friends were meeting women and getting laid, and I was this pathetic tag-along on their nights out.
  • Confused – about what really does work with women. I was getting mixed and conflicting messages from everyone. Even my mom.
  • Afraid – that if things didn’t change, I could very well wind up alone for the next 50 or 60 years of my life. Or – worse – die alone.

It felt hopeless at times.

It was a constant anxiety that I would have to fight off, like an angry swarm of hornets that waited to remind me of the stinging truth that I wasn’t having sex with a woman.

And as a man – you NEED to know that women want you, or else you feel like you’re not quite whole. You’re missing something… Something you deserve to have.

Now, I’m about to share with you my secret test for finding out if a girl is going to flake on you. I call this my Flake Detector.

You see it turns out that women give off signals when you meet them. This is priceless to know, and most guys completely miss this signal when they meet a girl and setup a date. But let me ask you something first:

Have you ever lost a girl you were really into?

OR are you afraid you might lose the right one when she finally comes along?

Think about the last potential girlfriend that came through your life…

You probably had a good feeling about this one. You couldn’t wait to have her meet your friends. You even found yourself planning stuff in the future to do with her…

And Then, Before It Even Started –

She lost interest and stopped calling. She was gone. And you don’t even know what the hell happened.

It feels like someone pulled the rug out from under you and then pushed you down a flight of stairs. But the worst part is that you might meet The One for you – that special girl.

… and it could happen all over again.

What Will You Do If You Run Into HER Tomorrow…?

Really. What if you find HER?

You know – The Perfect One for you? That cool sexy chick you want to make your girlfriend?

Do you know what to do right from the very start so you don’t lose her?

I’m going to show you, BUT FIRST – I want to tell you WHY MOST GUYS FAIL.

The reason most guys haven’t gotten the girlfriend they want is simple.

Oh, by the way, it’s also not your fault at all if you’re not getting the results you deserve.

You see, there’s a horrible set of lies out there that every guy has been programmed to believe about dating women.

It’s what I call the “Dead End Road” – and it only leads you to failure.

And if you follow this horrible advice (and 90% of guys do without even knowing it), it actually FORCES women away from you. It’s like “girlfriend repellent spray.”

You’ve been brainwashed into thinking that this “Dead End Road” is the only way to get a girlfriend:

The Dead End Road:
Pray For Luck & Roll The Dice.

This is where you play the odds and hope that destiny or “fate” will just deliver the girlfriend you want into your arms.

You’re basically waiting for lightning to strike. It feels like it takes forever to get dates, much less getting laid.

And IF you do run into someone – by luck – you usually keep following this road because it seems like it got you this far.

And then it ends here:

The Dead End Cliff: Wining Her & Dining Her.

Maybe you finally meet a woman, and you’re so focused on impressing her and not losing her. You buy her drinks, pay for her dinners, take her out to movies, take her on vacation, buy her gifts.

You know the drill, right?

Basically, you become her personal ATM machine – And hope that she doesn’t flake out or lose interest along the way.

Sometimes you hope you’ll impress her just enough so she’ll sleep with you… Or maybe you can get her drunk enough not to care.

Either way, this is where the road ends because she eventually flakes and disappears on you.

And then you have to go back to rolling the dice…

And you’ll probably wasted hundreds of dollars on her trying to win her over, only to go right back to the end of the line…

… And start all over again.

Of course, you could also try some pickup artist or seduction techniques – but you probably already know that this detour really doesn’t work if you want to get a girlfriend.

You’re still on the same dead end road.

In fact, it’s hard enough to get those pickup techniques to work in the bars and clubs on drunk girls at 2:00 AM.

And besides, you don’t want to be a jerk – or act like one – just to find a girl you want.

But What If There Was A Recipe For
Getting The Girl Of Your Dreams
That Could Take The Place Of Luck?

A formula – that gives YOU all the control over the process…

… And saves you thousands of dollars you usually waste on dates that end early with her telling you she doesn’t think about you “THAT way”

… And without having to memorize any creepy pickup lines or “routines” to start conversations with women…

The fact is, the only way to really get the girlfriend you’re looking for is to get off the Dead End Road so that women can finally see you as the elusive and rare “boyfriend material.”

No Matter How Far You Go
Down The Wrong Road,
You Have To Turn Back…

I’m going to show you how you can pull the woman you want to you like a magnet in just a minute.

Now a lot of guys don’t realize this, but women think that good guys – guys like you – are extremely rare and hard to find.

Ask any woman about this and you’ll hear the same thing over and over:

  • “Where are all the good guys?”
  • “Why can’t I ever find a decent man?”
  • “All the good ones are taken!”

But Why Can’t These Women See
All The Great Qualities YOU Have To Offer Them?
Are They Blind?

As it turns out, no.

She’s got an illusion of scarcity.

… which is created by running into too many guys who only know how to drive down the Dead End Road to meet and date women.

They also don’t know how to show her something very important.

Something I’m about to reveal to you in a minute.

You see, since women view “quality men” as being a scarce resource – they compete feverishly to find and claim these guys.

Just watch the television show “The Bachelor” where women compete and turn downright EVIL in their attempts to win a man they desire.

It’s no secret that women are competitive, but most men don’t realize that:

In Studies Going Back Over 30 Years,
It Has Been Proven That Women See Other Women
As Objects She Must Compete With…

“…women are sexual rivals – not just for short-term matches, but also for long-term committed relationships.”
(From Why Women Have Sex – Cindy Meston, PhD and David Buss PhD)

Of course, there’s also a lot of “seduction” advice that pushes sex as a goal faster than most women are inclined to. You’re told that if you’re not getting blowjobs in the bathroom of every bar or club you go to, you’re a loser.

This is a vicious LIE!

And then there are the movies that tell you that if you can sleep with a woman the first night you meet her, that she will want to make you her boyfriend.

Movies even show this all the time – that guys and girls sleep together the first night, and that’s how “true love” starts…

Another LIE

The Two Problems With Rushing
A Woman Into Bed Is This:

1. Even if you do pressure her into bed the first night, it usually won’t last, because she will know she was impulsive. She’ll think it was a fluke.

And – most important – she won’t want to stick around because she won’t want to tell her friends how you two got together.

(SECRET TIP: Your “Romantic Story” of how you met is something she needs to have, or she’s never going to keep seeing you… I’m going to come back to this in a second…)


2. She really won’t want to make you her boyfriend. If she sleeps with you fast, she will simply break off contact to avoid the reminder. She doesn’t want to view herself as a slut. And since you’re the guy she slept with “too fast” – you’re the memory she has to forget.

The fact is that if you go too fast when you try to sleep with her, the MORE likely you are to scare her off.

But the faster you can get her to sleep with you, the more likely you will get to keep her as a cool girlfriend.

And that’s a HUGE difference.

Let me say that again, because it’s critical:

The faster you can get her to sleep with you, the more likely you will get to keep her as your girlfriend.

By the way – there is a method to getting women to see you as this elusive “boyfriend material.”

I’m going to share that secret method with you in a second, but first…

I Want To Reveal The 3 Girlfriend Repellents
That Guys Use To Scare Women Off
And Push Women Away…

There’s a good chance you might be using one or more of these without realizing it…

Guys don’t do this on purpose, but we do it nonetheless.

Maybe you’ve made one of these fatal errors at one time or another:

Girlfriend Repellent Mistake #1:
Deciding That She’s “Girlfriend Material”
Based On ONE Conversation Or “Cool Date…”

Things go really well, you two seem SO compatible… and in your head you’re thinking, “Geez, I could marry this girl.”

But the second you do that, she stops calling. In fact, it’s like she read your mind and decided to avoid you completely.

(SECRET: One of the tricks to getting a girlfriend fast is that she wants a guy who is NOT looking for a girlfriend. I’ll show you how you give her that in a minute.)

You see, guys mentally sabotage themselves and scare women off when they decide that she could be “the one” or that she’s that “special girl” that they have to handle with care…

  • He becomes an overnight romeo, doing every corny move in the “romance her fast” playbook…
  • You start treating her differently, since she’s so “special…”
  • You try to lock her in and keep her interested in you so you don’t lose her…

Which – if you haven’t scared her off – leads to the next mistake:

Girlfriend Repellent Mistake #2:
Waiting To Have Sex So That It’s “Special…”

This is often based on the mistaken belief that holding back from having sex will make her more likely to be your girlfriend.

Or that you need to impress her with the lie that delaying sex is “romantic.”

  • If she’s cool, she’s suddenly a girl you need to treat special – she’s different
  • You want the sex to be “special” and “mean something” – so you deliberately hold off from trying to sleep with her…
  • You might even tell her something about how you “respect her” and want to make sure you “don’t rush her”

The problem is that doing this freaks her out because now there’s much more pressure. When (IF) she decides to sleep with you, it would almost feel like her wedding night.

When she has sexual interest in you, and that interest has an expiration date.

If you don’t go to bed with her in a certain period of time, that’s another way to fall into the “lets just be friends” trap.

You might be thinking, “But Carlos, I thought you said rushing her into bed was BAD?” Just wait, I’ll show you what to do in a second.

And then there’s the third and final fatal mistake…

Girlfriend Repellent Mistake #3:
Showing Her All Your Cards…

This is where you find yourself doing every single thing you know you shouldn’t do – but you can’t help yourself…

  • You lose your self-control
  • You start to try and show her how you’re different than the other guys out there – that you’re looking for something more serious and not just casual sex
  • You try to logically convince her that you’re Mr. Right.
  • You open your heart to her and wear it on your sleeve, hoping that she will do the same and profess her undying feelings for you.

Have you ever thought about saying – or actually SAID something like this:

  • “I like you a lot.”
  • “I really, really like hanging out with you.”
  • “You’re really special.”
  • “I think I’m falling for you.”
  • “I’m SO attracted to you.”

Hey, I’ve said those things to girls – before I realized I was freaking women out.

And when guys do this, they give away all their power to her.

Because she knows that you’re a guy she can hold out on.

And This Is How She Will Hold Out On You…

  • She’ll hold back on the sex…
  • She’ll hold back stuff you want to do in the bedroom…
  • She’ll hold back on telling you how she feels about you…
  • She’ll always have things she’ll hold back from you because she knows she has all the power.

And she knows that by holding them back from you (whether it’s sexual favors or other parts of her) this will only make you more committed and more loyal to her.

You start to believe it’s fate, destiny, and a thousand other romantic cliches.

And when she panics, flakes out, and dumps you – or just wants to be “just friends” – because of all this pressure and weirdness,

…you panic and try to prove your love to her any way you possibly can.

Here’s A Huge Secret To Women’s Psychology…

On some level, every woman has to believe you could be boyfriend material before she’ll sleep with you.

She even believes her one night stands had the potential to be real boyfriends. Even if she was just fooling herself to give herself the excuse she needed to be a little “slutty.”

And when she can’t see you as a boyfriend material, she only has two choices:

1) She flakes out on you and disappears,
hoping you’ll get the hint and leave her alone…


2) She puts you in the friends zone.

She might let you buy her a few dinners and dates, and then – when you finally work up enough courage to kiss her – she will tell you that, “I just don’t think about you that way.”

Or she says:

“I’d just like to be friends.”

But more than likely, she will just flake on you early to cut her losses.

Here’s My Secret Test
To Know Whether Or Not
A Girl Is Going To Flake On You…

It turns out that women give you a signal when she’s going to flake.

This is priceless, and most guys completely miss this signal when they meet a girl and setup a date.

Forget about WHY she flakes for now – you only need to know if she WILL flake on you.

And how to stop it.

Here’s my secret Flake Detector for guys:

So you can determine if a woman is going to flake out on you and leave you hanging – and never waste your time on these women ever again.

Here’s what you do:

An hour or so before your planned date, before you’ve had a chance to waste any time getting ready or drive anywhere, you send her this text:

“Hey, going to be 15 minutes late tonight… that cool?”

That’s it.

Do NOT call her up to confirm the date. (In fact if she told you to call her to confirm this date, she was already planning to cancel.)

If she was going to flake, she now has to do one of two things:

1 – Call you or text you that she can’t make it – which is what most flaky chicks will do…


2 – Ignore your text

The only response you want is her texting you back and telling you “No problem.”

ANY OTHER RESPONSE just means she’s most likely setting things up so she can flake on you. And that’s fine, because you saved yourself the trouble of driving and waiting – and wasting your time & money on a flake.

There you go! That’s a drop-dead simple way to find out if she’s planning to flake on you.

But The Best Thing To Do Is To Make Sure
She Never Wants To Flake On You…

That’s your date insurance – your Show-Up Guarantee.

So how do you do that? How do you make sure she never wants to flake on you?

Well, women are looking for ONE thing – more than anything else in a guy.

They want the ultimate resource. The one resource that all good things in her life come from…

She was sold on this idea in fairy tales and romantic comedies since her mother read her bedtime stories.

She wants…

(–drum roll–)

A boyfriend.

And this will give you the key to unlocking any woman’s desire and competitive drive.

If a woman thinks you’re boyfriend material, she will sleep with you so that she can lock you in.

Sex is inevitable.

In fact, to lock you in, she will usually have sex much faster with a guy who demonstrates that he’s boyfriend material.

Because when you get a woman into competitive mode – all bets are off. She’s going to do what she has to – to WIN.

A Woman Wants Her PRIZE…

So what’s the “prize”?

Women want boyfriends more than anything else. This is her private goal and prize that she pursues nearly all the time.

Think about the benefits for her:

  • She doesn’t want to worry about you hooking up with some other girl, and then she loses you.
  • She doesn’t want to worry about catching an STD…
  • She doesn’t want to risk her heart again only to have it broken – again…
  • She doesn’t want to have to keep going out and HOPING that Mr. Right will try another lame pickup line on her…

When the rubber meets the road, all she’s looking for is boyfriend material.

Even in the romantic novels she reads, the women usually end up with the guy being her boyfriend or long-term lover.

After I Got This System Perfected
I Understood What Was Happening…

After I figured out what to do, I started using online dating sites again – something that I had never been very successful with.

I met this girl online. Her name was Mindy, and we met up the first time at a nice Spanish restaurant in San Francisco.

At the end of the date, I used my “Hugs Only” strategy on her. This is where I tell a woman that “I don’t usually kiss on the first date, but I absolutely require a hug.”

(This works like crazy, by the way – and it’s just one of the techniques I’ll show you…)

Well, after I told her that, Mindy went in for a very … affectionate hug, and she said she’d call me.

Sure enough, when I got home she had left a message on my voicemail asking me if she could come over and cook me dinner on Friday.

When Friday came, well I gave in and I let her cook me a meal…

And then we had sex right there on the couch in the middle of eating dessert.

While we were laying there afterwards, I joked: “So, what … did you have this planned?” (Hey, I could see that she was wearing “easy to remove” clothes and…

Those Were Definitely Not Her “Granny Panties”
On The Floor Next To Us…

She nuzzled closer under my arm, kissed me on my chest, and said: “I knew I had to lock you in right away… you’re a keeper.”

THAT is when everything finally clicked into place for me.

Women will rush to sleep with you if they feel the pull of the “girlfriend magnet” signals you’re giving off.

WAY faster than she would normally plan to.

Girlfriend Magnets Are The GAME CHANGER

When it comes to meeting women and getting a cool, attractive chick as your girlfriend, it’s all about the “Girlfriend Magnets.”

Ask any woman you want about this, and if she’s being truthful, she will tell you that when she meets a guy that’s “got it” – she will hurry up and sleep with him to “lock him in.”

So the faster you can show her you’re “boyfriend material” – show her Girlfriend Magnets = the faster she’ll want to lock you down with sex.

Because when women feel these “Girlfriend Magnets,” they will pounce on you and pull you into bed with them so that they can lock you in and claim you – before some other woman can.

The faster you can show her you’ve got “Girlfriend Magnets” = the faster she’ll want to lock you down with sex.

Watch Out!
Here’s The Big Mistake Guys Make…

The problem is that most guys are trying to logically convince her that he’s the best catch.

He wants to give her his resume of how great he is as a boyfriend,

He’s telling her, not SHOWING her.

Then he goes crazy wondering why she can’t see that he’s the PERFECT guy for her.

And all his female friends are saying the same thing: “You’re a great catch! The right one will come along someday!”

The hell with “Someday!”

You want NOW.

And I’m going to show you how to get a girlfriend – FAST.

Because you need to know that…

There Is A REAL foolproof, No BS Way
To Get A Fun, Sexy Girlfriend – In Your Bed And
In Your Life In 30 Days (Or Less)…

And never feel left out again.

Even when you don’t have a girlfriend, you’ll have the calm confidence that the next one is right around the corner.

I’m not going to promise you pipe dreams here, like you’ll be banging fantasy FHM cover models right out of the chute.

I won’t say that it can’t happen for you, but why not start with the hot girls that are all around you – the girls that aren’t always waiting to open a big bag of cRaZy on you every day?

(Uh, yeah. I’ve dated quite a few and most of them are nothing but drama…)

Look I’m going to give you something better:

The Power To Attract The Fun, Sexy Women
You Really Want, And Get Her Addicted To You
So That She Can Only Imagine YOU As Her Boyfriend…

The guy she comes home to and wants to hang out and watch movies with…

The guy she wants to please all the time… (especially sex) Doing things for you that she swears she’s never wanted to do before with other boyfriends.

The point is that she won’t hold anything back from you.

I want to give you the exact step-by-step blueprint for what to do and when to “stack” women up in your life and give you the options and success you deserve as a man.

Finally, A Real Plan For Real Guys
Like You And Me….

…who don’t want to turn into a manipulative jerk – or act like one – just to get the women we really desire.

  • No hokey pickup lines…
  • No scripts to memorize…
  • No creepy psychological tricks (That never really work anyway…)
  • No weaseling…
  • No wussing…

You don’t have the kind of abundance with women you want, so you end up working way too hard to get a girlfriend.

And usually you wind up settling after a while as a result.

You end up choosing the women who chose you rather than the girl you REALLY wanted.

A lot of guys wind up marrying her, too.

What If You Could Finally
Get What You Deserve As A Man,
Instead Of Relying On Luck And Fate…?

What if you could avoid the “pay her for it” model and make her genuinely lust after you…?

What if you could drop the games, the routines, the scripts, the creepy lines, the manipulation, the weirdness

And just make it easy to meet women, talk to women, attract women, and claim her as your girlfriend?

Imagine this for a second…

  • You walk into a party with your girl on your arm, and all the guy’s heads turn to look. And instantly you’re The MAN they wish they could be…
  • You meet a chick at a party and she comes over your house one night. She brings you a bottle of champagne and even some glasses to pour it in. The whole time she’s telling you about all the different ways she likes to have sex…
  • You go out to dinner at a nice restaurant in town, and your cute date offers to pay for your meal – and your drinks… And then she gets in your car and gives you head right there parked in front of the restaurant.
  • The girl you’ve been dating comes over to your house and cooks dinner for you.After dinner, you’re sitting on the couch, talking and laughing, and out of nowhere she says: “Jeez, would you just come over here and kiss me…?”
  • In the middle of the afternoon, you’re at home watching a movie, and the girl you’ve been out with only a couple times calls you and says she’s in your neighborhood. She comes over, and then she asks you if you have a camera. Why? She wants you to take some sexy pictures of her.

Now tell me: Do you think that any of these women would say no to sleeping with you?

I Can Tell You That They Would Most Certainly
Would Gladly Take You By The Hand
And Take YOU To The Bedroom…

How do I know this?

All those situations I just told you about happened to me. Those were all women I knew and dated.

And I had been out on only 1 or 2 dates MAX with each of them. The only difference between what I do now to succeed and what I did then to fail was just learning how to show girls that I was “boyfriend material” by using the Girlfriend Magnets that I am about to show you.

I’m going to explain exactly how I did this in a minute, but not to brag to you. It’s going to be all about how YOU can get those same results in your life.

Imagine what it will be like when you have the power to choose the woman you want as a girlfriend – instead of settling for the women that “happen” to like you…

Imagine what it will be like when you finally seal the deal with the girl of your dreams and know that if you hadn’t learned this method, you probably would have had her slip through your fingers…

But now you’re waking up next to her whenever you want.


The Get A Girlfriend FAST Program

Get a Girlfriend Fast - Full program

How to get a fun, sexy girlfriend in your bed – and in your life – in 30 days… (or less)

I’m going to take your hand and walk you through the entire blueprint for how to Get A Girlfriend Fast – from start to finish.

This system works for you even if:

  • You’re naturally shy (in fact, this will work even better for you, since I designed it for me, and I’m an introvert – a real shy guy at heart…)
  • You’re older (women actually really dig older guys)
  • You’re not a supermodel on the front of GQ or Men’s Health
  • You’re not rich
  • Even if you don’t really think you have ANYTHING a cute, fun girl would want
  • And much MUCH more…

Here’s what you’re going to discover
in the Get A Girlfriend Fast System:

  • A proven step-by-step system to go from single and alone to dating the girl of your dreams in 30 days (or less) – with a complete roadmap of steps to take to go from stranger to lover with any woman you desire…
  • Most women disappear from your life by flaking out. I’m going to give you my bulletproof Flake Destroyer plan that explains a complete strategy for WHY women flake, HOW you can spot it in advance, WHEN it will happen, and a simple 5-step WHAT to do plan to avoid a woman ever doing it to you again…
  • 90% of the stuff you hear about attracting women is often damaging and completely ineffective if used without a complete plan to get her to girlfriend status. If you use this stuff without knowing how it fits in, you’ll make it next to impossible for her to ever consider you as “boyfriend material.” I’ll explain exactly how to avoid this huge “pickup” mistake…
  • You’ll understand the real secret to getting good with women – and with ANY skill – that the average guy completely misses – so you can win when they fail…
  • The 4 Principles of Dating Success that puts you in the top performance bracket, including the 5 critical sexual status signals that you need to show women to create powerful physical attraction…
  • You’ll understand the 4 levels of learning so that you can move forward faster with women and finally get yourself to do the things you know you need to do… (PS: This can be used on any area of your life!)
  • Two psychological enemies that every man has that keep us stuck in our bad habits – and how you can get past them both to excel past the majority…
  • The fatal “Yogi Bear” belief that makes men vulnerable to obsession – and scares women away even faster. This is what creates “one-itis” in men…
  • The secret of all attraction with women is this one principle – and it’s something that most guys deliberately sabotage when they start dating a woman. I’ll show you how to avoid this fatal mistake…
  • And much MUCH more…


Get a Girlfriend Fast - Full program



  • Fast Start Power Tips – I’ll get you off to the fastest result possible by giving you the 6 critical principles of accelerated success with women. If you put just one of these to work for you, you’ll dramatically speed up your results…
  • How to “date stack” to get the most women attracted to you in the shortest period – and one method of meeting women that you want to avoid…
  • A simple exercise you can do in your car that will effortlessly increase your conversation power with women – and your ability to banter sexually…
  • One of the most powerful weapons you have as a man is the ability to use your eye contact. I’ll explain how to create magnetic eye language that draws women in, and show you 2 powerful exercises that make you irresistable to her…
  • Body language is one of the most misunderstood parts of attraction. I’ll give you my simple 6 step complete “cheat sheet” on the only parts of body language you need to use – including a specific exercise that will make you more sexually attractive to women INSTANTLY
  • I’ll teach you how to use the most important attraction trigger a man has (HINT: It’s got nothing to do with your abs or how in-shape you are). You’ll also discover the 10 masculine signals to show women so that she sees you as the dominant man…
  • You’ll finally understand the 5 “low status” signals that men give off that destroy a woman’s interest in them and communicate neediness – so you can get rid of them once and for all…
  • The 6 critical boundaries you must setup with women – or you risk falling into the “wuss” zone with her and every woman you meet. (These are my own personal limits that I set with women in my life and they work like gangbusters…)
  • Four of the fatal Fast Attraction Killers – these four mistakes are common to over 90% of all men I’ve coached, and I’ll explain exactly how to avoid messing it up with women with your confidence…
  • The 2 ways that women determine your sexual status – are you messing these up? I’ll show you how women think…
  • Have you ever felt like you were unable to control your emotions around a woman? I’ll show you how “sensitive” guys lose women by not understanding how to use their emotions with women to attract instead of repel – as well as the 6 emotions you must control around women…
  • I’ll explain how “MSS” is crushing your confidence with women, and how this ONE THING you’re probably hiding from women is also the one thing she needs to see to feel safely attracted to you…
  • The one secret to overcoming your hesitation and indecision with women – including 3 simple practice methods you can do in less than 10 seconds to find your determination and willpower…
  • How to create your “universal selling proposition” that will show women that you are completely different from the other guys she meets and gets bored with…
  • Ever wonder what those confident “alpha” guys are thinking that gets them success with women? I’ll show you nine powerful affirmations of the “alpha man” that gets women horny for them…
  • And much MUCH more…



  • The first part of the core of the program shows you the essential Girlfriend Magnets – the 8 powerful signals that women need to see to sexually pursue you…
  • You’ll discover the power of sexual “inception” with women, and how you can plant the 5 thoughts in a woman’s head that you’re the one for her (I’ll explain all five)…
  • One of the most powerful Girlfriend Magnets is showing her that you’ve got it “together.” I’ll show you which 6 areas of your life she’s going to look at, as well as the 10 ways you can show her you’re her Mr. Right…
  • The one big mistake a lot of guys make is showing a woman that she’s his only focus. I’ll show you how to not only avoid this, but get her to beg to be a part of your life – so you can stop working so hard and start enjoying a girlfriend that wants to please YOU…
  • How to spark the kind of healthy jealousy that makes women desire you – and how to to get her thinking about you when you’re not around. This method is so deadly, I call it The Attraction Tractor Beam – so be very careful where you aim it…
  • There’s one thing you can do in your conversation (and sometimes slip up and show with your facial expression) that ensures that a woman won’t sleep with you. I’ll explain what this is, and how you can actually use it in REVERSE to get her to want you to take her to bed faster…
  • I’ll explain the 7 influence methods that enforce the law of attraction for women – and how to use them all (this is the secret that guys who never go home alone use)
  • What you look like through HER eyes – and you’ll be amazed to see what she’s looking at that you had no idea was so important…
  • The simple secret of confidence with women – and most guys are chasing after the wrong goal!
  • We all know that women’s mixed signals work to get guys bewitched with a woman – now here’s how you can use the same techniques women use to make mixed messages work for YOU…
  • The Material Magnets: I’ll completely explain the truth about the physical Girlfriend Magnets that you have to have to attract women – and it has nothing to do with being a men’s health model with a ripped “six pack…” (You’re going to finally know why looks are deceptive, and how you can look like a “10” to her…)
  • Women want 3 things from men – and if you can give her these, she’s YOURS. I’ll show you what they are (and “confidence” isn’t the most important one!)
  • REVEALED: The five parts of killer sexual attraction and sexual tension with women…
  • And much MUCH more…



  • This part of the program explains completely how to from complete stranger to being a woman’s most trusted and desired lover…
  • Ever wonder where to go to meet women? I’ll give you the definitive answer to this question, categorized by difficulty levels – and one exercise that will create twice the opportunity to meet women than you think you have right now…
  • Every guy who’s successful with women has a single Core Attitude that gets him those results. I’m going to explain the Core Attitude to you, as well as how you use it so that you won’t lose your motivation or start to fall back into old habits…
  • I’ll give you my 9 guaranteed Cold/Warm/Hot openers to start a conversation with literally ANY woman in ANY situation – including the master formula for creating a conversation out of thin air…
  • Ever wonder how to start talking to a woman so you can get past her defenses and avoid any rejection? I’ll give you my “Stealth Openers” method of creating sure-fire conversation – with over 10 examples for you to use…
  • The attitude shifter – The two questions you can ask that will immediately get you past any fears of meeting women…
  • What do you talk about? Finally, the only 3 things you ever have to “remember” to keep a conversation going with a woman…
  • How to know when you’ve gotten past a woman’s defenses – and when she’s finally “into you…”
  • 5 Fatal Attraction Killers when you’re talking to women – if you avoid these mistakes, you’ll coast effortlessly through any conversation…
  • In the past 10+ years of coaching men on how to get better game with women, I’ve come up with a bundle of 10 “Fast Fixes” that give men the upper hand when meeting women. I’ll show them ALL to you and explain how they work so you can use them immediately…
  • How to close a conversation – word for word – so that you walk away with a phone number – or a date – in just 45 seconds…
  • Tactical Magnets – How to hook her curiosity and get a woman pleading to see you again and again…
  • The five reasons women flake – completely explained and dissected so you can see it coming and avoid it – and so you know when her excuse is for real so you don’t mess up a second chance with her!
  • My “Ping” technique to secure her attraction and interest in you – no matter how many men she’s met in the last WEEK – and so that she’ll not only answer your calls, but be waiting on them…
  • And much MUCH more…



  • I decided to include this very special section giving away my entire vault of techniques for talking to women…
  • 3 ways you can improve the tonality and commanding power of your voice with women in just a few seconds of warmup…
  • How to be the most interesting man she will ever meet – without bragging or acting like a jerk…
  • Women have 20 secret signals that tell you when she’s interested in you – do you know what they are? I’ll give you the entire list of what to watch out for in this special tutorial…
  • Including the 5 ways to know when a woman is NOT interested so you can walk away and not waste your time or energy…
  • How to not sound like a “player” and scare her off before you get a chance…
  • 10 signals women look for to figure out if you’re a man with VALUE – If you’re not letting her see these, you’re probably disabling yourself accidentally…
  • Which women do you keep and which should you avoid? I’ll show you the 6 “red flag” behaviors to watch out for – and the questions to ask to get her to reveal them! Never settle for the wrong woman ever again…
  • Conversation Technique Magnets: I’ll show you 10 of my conversational techniques that you can use to talk with women and get her mesmerized in minutes with your charisma – with word for word examples…
  • Have you ever had a woman say something you didn’t expect and you got caught off guard? I’ll give you my “Universal Response” technique to use whenever you need to “pause” the conversation so you can collect your wits and avoid those hideous mistakes
  • And much MUCH more…



  • In this section, I’ll teach you how to seal the deal – the techniques that lock her in for you – from getting her number to getting in her bed…
  • How to make your moves, and when to do it – ask her out, get a kiss, get her to lead you to the bedroom…
  • The Flake Destroyer – Bonus: How to avoid flaking by using simple techniques to take the upper hand in dating – including how to keep her so excited for you that she wouldn’t DREAM of not showing up…
  • My proven 3-step number closing sequence – word-for-word (including how to know when she’s probably giving you a fake number)…
  • FACT: Most guys don’t know how to handle that all-important first phone call, and usually end up without a date. I’ll show you a simple step-by-step way to handle the call so you get to see her again as soon as possible…
  • The Date Blueprint: Don’t fall victim to the dead end road of “drinks, dinner, and movie.” This is a recipe for failure. I’ll explain exactly where (and why) you want to take her on my proven 10 date plans…
  • Every guy knows how you want that first date to end, and I’ll show you the certain path to get there. No more uncertainty and hesitation when you’re at the goal line…
  • Sometimes getting the first date isn’t the challenge – it’s getting the NEXT date. I’ll show you exactly how you close for the next date – the complete secret pattern I use…
  • The first big step is getting the kiss. And I’ll show you when you need to get it, and exactly 5 ways HOW to get it…
  • Most guys don’t need sex on the first date – but faster is always better. I’ll explain why this strategy works best to get a girlfriend, and the 6 places where you’re most likely to run into roadblocks that stop you dead…
  • I’ll show you a simple technique to get her into the bedroom like a gentleman, and ensure that she’s not only there in the morning – she’s ready for more…
  • How to handle breakups – a simple proven guide to let go of women you’re no longer interested in and make more room in your life – with no drama or pain…
  • How to go from casual to exclusive with her…
  • And much MUCH more…

BONUS: Friends Into Girlfriend

BONUS: Friends Into Girlfriend

  • In this special bonus section, I’ll give you my complete method for taking a woman who’s put you into the friends zone, and getting her to beg you into her bed…
  • FINALLY – you’ll understand why women keep you as “friends only” and what the fatal mistakes are that create the “friends zone.” And you’ll understand how to escape it…
  • Most guys don’t realize that they create the “friends only” situation by mistake. I’ll show you three things men do that kill their sexual energy with women and make her push you away…
  • The step-by-step process of moving out of the Friends Zone and staying out – so that she sees you as her sexual interest and not her personal ATM machine and “shoulder to cry on…”



  • In this bonus section, I’ll show you secrets of the “naturals” – add-on tricks from my personal guide on how to attract women…
  • How to date multiple women at once – the gentleman’s guide to keeping several women in your life, without constant turmoil and theatrics. How to set it up right from the start, and the 6-step conversation for exactly what to say to get it to happen…
  • You probably know that women test men all the time. In this special section, I’ll show you WHY she does it, what’s she’s thinking when she does it, and HOW you handle the 3 most common test situations she will hit you with. This is a PRICELESS strategy for handling women…
  • UNCOVERED: I’ll give you my crash course in Body Language Magnets – 7 vital areas you must understand, and how to use them…
  • 5 Reasons women dump guys – when you know and avoid these, you’ll never have to worry about losing her…
  • 4 Advanced methods for appealing to a woman’s romantic needs – and also giving you tricks to see into her personality before you get stuck…
  • I’ll reveal the only true signal of a woman’s attraction level for you – including specifics on how you use this right from the start to know where you stand…
  • Fast Confidence Magnets: How confidence REALLY works with women…
  • I’ll give you 10 of my “Quick Magnets” – simple tricks to faster sexual attraction with women…
  • And much MUCH more…

BONUS: GET HER BACK – The Ex Recovery System

BONUS: GET HER BACK - The Ex Recovery System

  • In this special bonus section, I’ll share my tricks and techniques for getting back and making up with the girl who might get away from you…
  • Most guys blunder carelessly into the minefield when they want to get their ex girlfriend back. I’ll share 4 important rules you must know in advance, or you risk blowing yourself up before you even start…
  • How “BPS” makes you act crazy and destroy your chances for getting your ex back, and how you can avoid this situation completely so that you don’t scare her away by acting impulsively…
  • The 6 Ex Grenades – if you do ANY of these six things, your ex girlfriend will probably never give you a second chance. Find out what they are, and how to avoid blowing up your chances…
  • The 7 Rules of Recovering your girlfriend and getting her back into your arms again…
  • If you’ve ever been caught off guard when your girlfriend broke up with you, you’re going to need this: The 6 signals that your girlfriend is starting to stray – so you’re never surprised, and you’ve got time to fix it before she looks for a replacement…
  • 5 Steps to Getting Her Back when you feel her slipping away…
  • How to handle that all-important first phone call to her so that you don’t wind up in another argument, or accidentally pushing her away. Exactly what to say and how to say it…
  • 4 Fatal Attraction mistakes that most men make that will push her away from you before you get a chance to fix it…
  • And much MUCH more…


This program may have some unintentional side effects.

I want to warn you that I do not condone and promote unethical behavior in any way. You MUST use the information in this system for honorable purposes. Never to hurt anyone or “get revenge.”

I only teach stuff that is respectful to women and completely honorable.

In the past, I have used these strategies and I have to admit, I’ve been able to inadvertently steal a girlfriend away from another guy.

This is NOT cool.

The fact is that when you put this system to work for you, you will have a lot of married and “attached” women start to get interested in you. And you’ll have to deal with that. It happens because you’re going to be showing her everything she’s lacking in her current relationship.

You may also have to deal with a lot of your friends asking you questions – and you’re going to be their personal “dating guru.” So expect a lot of your friends looking up to you as the expert in this area when you start getting the results they can’t get.

I’ll also tell you right now – there are a few people that this program may NOT help:

  • Guys who want to keep all the mystery and unknown in dating because that’s what keeps it “romantic”
  • Guys who don’t mind using their wallet to keep women interested in them, or don’t mind that they can only date gold-diggers
  • Guys who completely freak out when they’re in the same room with a woman

But if you’re not one of these guys, I can virtually guarantee you that the Get A Girlfriend Fast System WILL help you.

Get a Girlfriend Fast - Full program

Here’s What The System Is All About:

When you enroll today, you’ll get:

The 5 core video training modules: Unlimited Access to my Vault of Girlfriend Strategies:

  • Module 1- Fast Start Flirting – 24 Hour Turbo Charge: 7 Secrets To Sexualize Your Contacts With Women
  • Module 2- Girlfriend Magnets – How to See Through The Matrix and Understand Women’s Desires
  • Module 3- The Girlfriend Blueprint – Step By Step Roadmap to Get Women To BEG To Be Your Girlfriend
  • Module 4- How To Meet & Talk To Women – Simple Strategies For Sexy Conversation
  • Module 5- S.E.A.L. The Deal – Closing skills of the pros – Strategically Lock Her In – With the Flake Destroyer System

Bible of Girlfriend StrategiesYou’ll get the Downloadable “Bible” of Girlfriend Strategies– all the reference notes from the program in Adobe PDF format (which you can easily view on your computer, smart phone, or tablet

You’ll be downloading and reading this information quickly and easily on any mobile device, tablet,

…or even transfer it onto your Kindle. (Requires you to have a free Kindle account and free kindle transfer email)

…or print it out if you like to have and highlight for review.

Open it anywhere, anytime, with no worries about anyone embarrassingly “discovering” a book or set of CDs on your bookshelf – or under your bed…

  • You’ll also get the audiobook & MP3 files for your iPod or music player – playable on just about any device that plays MP3 files
  • You’ll also get the bonus program mind maps so you can see the whole system laid out in step-by-step visual format
  • And you’ll get the Magic Moments cheat sheet – where I share my most powerful Girlfriend Magnets, with an explanation of how to lock her in as your girlfriend using these techniques

Magic Moments cheat sheet and Mind Maps

All of this is waiting for you online right now – ready for you to start using right away.

If you can login to Facebook, you’ve got all the knowledge you need to start using the Get A Girlfriend Fast System immediately…

And if you’re still seeing this video right now, I’m also throwing in the following fast-action bonuses:

BONUS 1: Free First Month of Get A Girlfriend Fast Track Coaching Kit

The Free First Month of “Fast Track Coaching Kit” to drag you kicking and screaming through each step of the system and get you even faster results – and if you decide to stay on the program, it’s only 37.00 per month. (Completely optional!)

Note that the bonus free trial to the Get A Girlfriend Fast Track Coaching Kit is completely optional, HOWEVER most of our members will opt for this opportunity as you’ll be learning more advanced skills for building your ultimate lifestyle and without the Fast Track Coaching Kit you’d be missing out. (You don’t need to do anything, just hit the add to cart button below to get instant access to Get A Girlfriend Fast and the bonus free trial of the Get A Girlfriend Fast Track Coaching Kit. The first month is free.)

If you decide to stay on after your Get A Girlfriend Fast free trial, each week you’ll receive brand new girlfriend-getting secrets including:

  • Insider Techniques & Tips videos
  • Secret Girlfriend Strategy reports
  • Quick technique audios
  • Iron-Clad Inner Game Videos
  • And more…!

Your initial charge will be $67. You will then be charged $37/month for 6 months only – or until you cancel the fast-track coaching kit. (And again, it’s completely OPTIONAL…)


BONUS 2: Get Her Back – How To Get Your Girlfriend Back – Ninja Tactics To Win Her Back

BONUS 3: Friend Into Girlfriend – Proven Techniques To Escape the Friends Zone

BONUS 4: Fast Attraction Techniques – Sneak Past Her Defenses And Have Her Thinking About You 24/7

I originally created this system as a complete 8 hour home study class with live phone Q&A’s sessions priced at $497.

Now, compare to the price of a personal coaching session with me – currently $297 and up – this becomes a no-brainer.

Compare that to the price of a night out where you buy drinks for women… With the average drink going for $7 to $14 each these days, this program is less than a couple rounds you buy “for the girls” … only to walk away without even a phone number or a peck on the cheek to show for it.

Of course, there’s the flowers, the dinners, the nights out in the city to impress a woman that left you angry and home alone in your bed.

You’ll get this program for much less than anyone else had to pay.

And I’m going to drop that $97 another 30% for you today

The complete home study course for you is only $67.00.

I Want You To Take Advantage Of Me…

The entire program is priced right now for $67 as a marketing test.

The reason I’m offering it so cheaply is because I want to get great testimonials and case studies for it.

And I really want to help guys out there. I’m on a mission… I want a Carlos Xuma program on the virtual “bookshelf” of every guy out there, so that he can finally get everything he deserves as a man in life.

But I’m Going To Have To Raise The Price Soon…

I can’t afford to keep it this low, because of the cost of advertising and things like that. My friends are also getting all over me for this because they feel I’m really undermining the value of the program. People will think it really can’t be that good for this price.

That’s why I’m going to have to raise the price to get more copies of it into guy’s hands so they can get the girlfriends and the results they really want.

$67 is just ridiculously low for a complete system that will basically put you in bed with your next girlfriend so quickly.

Realistically it will have to go up to $97 or even $197 or higher.

I’m giving you this huge discount, and all I ask is that when you do get the fantastic results with this program, especially when you’ve got the cool girlfriend that you always wanted and you can stop sitting alone on weekends, is that you just send me a quick anonymous note to me about it so that I can share your story with other guys who want this kind of success with women.

Fair enough?

You’ve stuck around this long, so you obviously want this blueprint.

And if you’ve read this far, you know how powerful this strategy can be to get a girlfriend.

And I know you know what it will feel like when you have that cool, fun chick in your life…

  • The girl you can go out with on your arm, and all the guys are going to be checking her out – jealous of your catch…
  • Someone to hang out and watch movies with…
  • Guaranteed sex…
  • All the good things you deserve…

Download your copy of the program right now and start using it in just minutes…

Get a Girlfriend Fast - Full program

Just click the Add To Cart button you see below right now to get started.

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Guarantee60 Day unconditional Double Double Guarantee – which is the longest allowed by our payment processor.

Because if you let this system do the work for you and I don’t get you results, I don’t deserve your money.

That’s right, you just send me an email and we’ll arrange to buy the program back from you for the full purchase price.

I wouldn’t make a promise like this if I wasn’t 100% sure that this system would work for you, right?

Fair enough?

I’m going to throw in ANOTHER bonus
just to make this a slam-dunk for you
to get started right NOW:

I’ll throw in my 25 Supercharged Dating Tactics – My top 25 methods of handling every stage of getting a woman in your bed and in your life…

This is an exclusive part of the “Guru Black Book” program, which is sold for over $47, but this bonus is yours for free…

Remember that you have nothing to risk. Because of my rock solid guarantee, you can use the product, get great results and get your money back for any reason.

You know by now that the one guaranteed way to attract women and get a girlfriend is showing her you’ve got the “girlfriend magnets” she’s looking for – and that this is also the fastest way into bed – and into her heart. And this is the only course that will give you the tools you need to conquer the woman you desire.

Look – I don’t want to put too fine a point on this, but you’ve only got 3 paths to take…

  • Option 1: Do nothing – perhaps even hold out that the “Dead End Road” of hoping for luck to give you the girlfriend you want will work. But we both know it will only get worse if you keep going down this path.
  • Option 2: Try what I’ve shown you here and see – but without a clear roadmap and plan, you’ll go through the hard way and still wind up coming back to me.
  • Option 3: Try the Get A Girlfriend Fast program, risk free, and get the results you want. Guaranteed.

The choice is yours.

All you have to do is just click the Add To Cart button you see below right now to get started.

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In fact, let me answer any questions you might have right now:

– Carlos, am I going to have to memorize stuff and put a bunch of work into this? I’m tired of working so hard just to meet and attract women, and the last thing I want to do is to sweat over this stuff…”

Absolutely not! I don’t want you working on this stuff, either.

The whole point of the Get A Girlfriend FAST system is to get you up to speed and getting success quickly, without having to memorize routines or scripts or lines.

– “Am I going to have to trick or manipulate women…? I don’t want to be a jerk to meet and get a girlfriend.”

Again, NO.

The point of this system is to get you feeling natural and relaxed with women.

This not about tricking or manipulating women in any way.

You’ll get to be the kind of guy who can just relax and be himself around women – without feeling like you’re being a jerk – or acting like one – just to get her interested in you.

– “Carlos, is this going to be a lot of theory – with nothing practical that I can use?”

I packed this program wall-to-wall with tips, tactics, strategies, and techniques you can apply.

Not only that, but I’m also explaining how to do each one, when to do it, and why you want to use that part of the system to get the fastes and most effective results.

I’ll even share with you my word-for-word lines I do use, so that you have examples to either use, or build your own from.

I’m giving you all the practical, hard-nosed experience that I gained from over 20 years of experience dating women and figuring out what works – while saving you from doing the stuff that doesn’t work!

– “Hey, I’ve tried other programs and I haven’t gotten any success. What makes this one any different…?”

Well, if you mean, you’ve bought other programs and not used the information – well, that’s not going to change here, either.

But if you are willing to take what I’m going to show you and put it to use, you’ll get the results you deserve.

I’ve mapped out the entire process here for you as completely as possible.

I’ve given you all the information you need to take your game with women to the next level and get the cool sexy girlfriend you want.

All you have to do is get started now is click the Add To Cart button you see below…

Get a Girlfriend Fast - Full program

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Here’s What Other Guys Have To Say
About The Get A Girlfriend Program:

“Within a week I had four dates, I have been out on two, and have another two going. I’m on for social connections… I wanna thank you as your confidence and skills had really upped my game…”
Donald Day
“This is priceless! I am now talking to women everywhere I go and gaining the confidence that I can be an Alpha Male without hesitation. Where I used to be a wallflower at a party, I am becoming the life of the party and it feels great! … I’d tell guys to get every program Carlos has and do everything he tells you to do. This stuff works!”
Hank Zolenus, Portland, OR
“… the Get a Girlfriend Fast program still caught my eye as I’ve just ended an LTR. The program is a great, quick-start, get-your-ass-into-gear listen from start to finish. This is a great way to get motivated and will leaving you wanting to get out there and mixing with hot women fast! Great content especially for the low asking price…”
Steve P.
“I enjoyed listening to the how to get a girl friend fast program… It definitely pointed out a few mistakes I was making chronically, and If I could kick my younger self, I sure as hell would… I can say easily that the whole program is worth it, for me a lot of it was reminders and eye-opening about my mistakes, but It can be just as good for someone just starting out.”
Ricky S.
“I just gotta say, all of your material has been life changing, the Girlfriend program.is a great Program Carlos … the Get a Girlfriend program is a great tool to get to your goals with women fast, Its great how you split it into sections and an audiobook too! you’re the man Carlos…”
Juan J., Las Vegas
“Hey Carlos. Steven R. here. I am a long-time participant in game-boosting products… I’m coming off a 3.25 yr relationship and I have to tell you , my game got rusty. Your product has given me a boost in a number of ways: it’s helping me avoid suffering “one-itis”; and it’s refreshing my memory about how to be cocky and funny. Thanks!”
Steven R., Norfolk
“I think [the Get a Girlfriend program] was an excellent program … I’ve eliminated alot of the negative behaviors that were making me an easy mark for abuse and can now command respect in the community and at the job… I appreciate your program and congratulations on your good work…”
Chris H., LA

It’s up to you. Do you want to meet and date more women? Find the girlfriend that can make you happy and get you out of the insanity of the singles scene?

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The 5 core video training modules: Unlimited Access to my Vault of Girlfriend Strategies:

  • Module 1- Fast Start Flirting – 24 Hour Turbo Charge: 7 Secrets To Sexualize Your Contacts With Women
  • Module 2- Girlfriend Magnets – How to See Through The Matrix and Understand Women’s Desires
  • Module 3- The Girlfriend Blueprint – Step By Step Roadmap to Get Women To BEG To Be Your Girlfriend
  • Module 4- How To Meet & Talk To Women – Simple Strategies For Sexy Conversation
  • Module 5- Seal The Deal – Closing skills of the pros – Strategically Lock Her In – With the Flake Destroyer System
  • You’ll get the Downloadable “Bible” of Girlfriend Strategies– all the reference notes from the program in Adobe PDF format (which you can easily view on your computer, smart phone, or tablet
  • You’ll also get the audiobook & MP3 files for your iPod or music player – playable on just about any device that plays MP3 files
  • You’ll also get the bonus program mind maps so you can see the whole system laid out in step-by-step visual format
  • And you’ll get the Magic Moments cheat sheet – where I share my most powerful Girlfriend Magnets, with an explanation of how to lock her in as your girlfriend using these techniques



Get a Girlfriend Fast - Full program

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